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Since when? Are you sure you aren't confusing it with the UE700? Because dweaver has a UE600. I'll be going to bed today a little later trying to snatch a pair of VS3DS from lendmeurears. I was very impressed by the quality of the VSD1S by the price I paid, but I have beginning to long for the GR07 sound. Hopefully these will tide me over.
I have had both. The biggest difference would be the soundstage. The grado close you in a box compared to the sennies, albeit a very pleasant box. Another thing that I distinctly remember is the great amount of detail the grados. Both have a similar amount of bass, mids are also more alike than different, but the treble on the sennies is rounder and softer. In comfort the HD598 wins hands down as to me they are more comfortable than the much lauded HD600.
These have now been SOLD, thanks to everyone for their interest.
Hello fellow head-fiers, I bought a pair of used Sennheiser HD600 on ebay to see if they would be a good a pairing with the Audinst Hud-mx2. Unfortunately that was not exactly the case as I still prefer my trusty HD598's with this amp.This means that the 600's are looking for a new home.   These headphones are in great condition both in terms of sound and cosmetic wise bar the smudge/ scratch on the second 'n' (refer to the pictures). The pads, although not new, still...
Those wires serve to keep the grills in place, pretty much all vsonic models have them.
Sent you Pm.
All items sold, keeping the listing open for feedback purposes.   Thank you all.
GR07 reserved, awaiting payment.  sold.
Hello headfiers, I am starting the new year by letting go, at some cool prices, the earphones I don't use enough to justify having them around.   Vsonic GR07 MKI, bought here in the forums, in great condition. Included: a bunch of tips, the ear guides, the leatherette pouch and a fiio tin. SOLD!   Vsonic VC02, bought last month from lendmeurears, 100 hours burn in plus 20 head time, these are as good as new. Included everything that came with them except all the...
Glad to hear you found something that you really like, without caveats or exceptions. Do post more impressions and add a review if you're so inclined.
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