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I'm looking for recommendations for a portable headphone that will be used solely with my Galaxy S4 playing FLAC audio files.  I'm looking for something to fulfill the Rock/Metal and Hip Hop Genre.  I love bass, but don't want something sloppy that will overpower the mids and highs.   I've read that the HD25 and M50 are a good choice.  I need something comfortable, as I plan to use these on long plane trips.  I've had past experience with the Grado RS2i and they hurt...
  I'm curious as to how they compare. I'm so excited for the arrival of the D7000.  I honestly just sold both my Grado PS1000 and RS2i becuase I prefer the D71000 for my music tastes.
I've been using my moon audio black dragon cable with these and I must say I love them.  I recently got a pair of D7000's that should be coming in soon, so I can't wait to do a long side by side test and decide which one I'm going to keep.
I put these up for sale on Ebay for the next 24 hours..........free shipping, excellent condition.   Search for them by this listing # 330995407409   Please email me with any questions.   Regards,   Matt
I just ordered a Moon Audio Black Dragon cable for my D7100s, I'll post once they arrive to let you know how it sounds.
I just picked up a pair of D7100's.  I seriously love these headphones so far.  I also have a pair of Grado PS1000's with a black dragon moon audio cable, and I prefer the D7100's for my musical selections.  I listen to Metal, Hip Hop, and Rock in that order, so the PS1000's were the wrong headphone for me.  I've rolled the tubes in my WA6SE and settled on my Sofia and 6DF7 and the music is great.  Great thick, smooth bass, nice mids and highs.  The PS1000's were just to...
I recently received my D7100's and what a complete night and day difference from my PS1000's.  Seriously completely different world.  I really love the D7100's though.  The bass is so amazing on my setup, and I really prefer these headphones to my PS1000s.....   I've done some tube rolling with my WA6SE as I have a shoebox full of a huge amount of tubes.  I've settled with my Sofia and 6DF7s for now. I was using my Mullard GZ34 and 6DR7 for a while, but recently...
I just sent you a PM
Hi, I was just curious if any of you PS1000 owners out there listen to hip hop (2pac, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Jay-z) with the PS1000's.  Just curious on your impressions is all.   Thanks
Thanks for the reply.  I personally love my ps1000 for rock and metal, and even hip hop sounds ok to me, but I just want an all around fun bass headphone for only jamming hip hop too.  I wish I could test some out in my own home to see if I like them or not, but I'll just wait it out. I know of a store that has the d71000 so I'll go test them out just to get a feel for them.  Thanks again.
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