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 Hahah, yeah I went on a bit of a hiatus for awhile.  Yeah man, the career mode is just awesome. I love working my way up through the minors. 
 Congrats and enjoy.  Let us know how things work out!!!  
Congrats on picking up The Show!!!!    I dont have a PS4, but I have every other edition of The Show on the other Playstations. That is probably my all time favorite sports game/franchise of any of them. if it wasnt for Final Fantasy's I would probably rate it as my all time favorite game/franchise.     That game will make me buy a PS4 shortly I have a feeling.  
Thanks roskodan.    I would like nothing more than to get both of them at the same time, but it isnt going to happen. I just didnt want to get the v200 and be put off because of the Bifrost. I have had my eye on the v200 for a very long time. 
Anyone have any experience with the Bifrost and V200?    I plan on getting the V800 at some point, but do to financial reasons it wont all happen at one time. 
 That is very shocking coming from you, knowing how well you love the T1's. 
 So you have a "real" reason for ignoring the lady friend? 
Thanks, I already own the original CD, I would only be getting it for the "Winterland Show". I am a big ABB fan as well, and I am a sucker for "Live" recordings. Probably be my next purchase. 
OT Is that the HDTracks version? If so, how is it? I about bought it a couple times but couldnt convince myself.  /OT
I really wish I would have bought a pair of those Koss's when Amazon had them for $650 a while back. I am just afraid to open that can of worms though (stats)!!!!
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