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wound up buying the Bryston BHA-1 and the Bryston BDA-1 dac.  using silver dragon from moon audio balanced xlr headphone cables, moon audio silver dragon usb and power cables also.  it sounds as good as i expected
I recently purchased a pair of Audez'e LCD3 phones, and wow, they are really that good. I need to upgrade my hardware to let these phones give me their full potential.  Right now I am considering the following equipment, but am open to suggestions from those with experience with their suggestion and the LCD3's.  I also welcome any comments on the pairing of the below equipment and the LCD3's.  I have read a lot, and have a lot more to read, I really want to pair them...
I did not make this statement with marketing intentions in any way. I don't think it was made to me with those intentions either since I already owned the headphones when he told me that. I am sure he was simply trying to make the point that until ALO can offer them, it's been difficult to get outside of Japan. I can only assume that there are no other dealers outside of Japan, and one would have to buy them during a visit to Japan and being them home. Sorry if I...
  i got them by being in them right place at the right time.  I ordered a new amp, DAC and some cable for my 650's and got to chatting on the phone.  I asked about any closed phone options they could recommend and the guy mentioned these.....Turns out the guy i was on with had some clout  there and offered me a pair.  They will be on the website soon
little more info.  ALO is going to stock them,.  They received only 5 pair initially,  1 sent to me, the other 4 to top reviewers, so expect to see some reviews soon.  It may be some time before they are able to offer them for widespread sale because they are each handmade in a small workshop in Japan, so inventory building is going to be slow. I think they may have more soonthough so keep checking.  They were close to $1,400. for the pair, but well worth the price. ...
I  received my Fit Ear ToGo 334 IEMs from ALO audio last Friday, but held off on posting this until i received permission from them to do so.  Let me start by saying I am a very lucky guy to have a set of these, they are AMAZING.  Make all my other IEMs sound like junk, even  the Shure SE 535s, Sennheiser IE-8s, UE (cant remember model) and Etymotic    They tell me I am the only person outside of Japan to have a pair. Here are some pics more soon....  .
Just spoke with ALO AUDIO and they are the exclusive of FIT Ear IEMs.  as soon as they get pics and web[age ready they will be available there. Rep told me that they are only thing that close close to and Over the ear monitor regarding spacial qualities.  I will be the first one to purchase them.   PM m if you want pics and info once i purchase them  
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