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In the OC3 event Oculus offered every attendee a pair of these. 
Quick comparison:  Oculus Earbud, EX1000, GR07. They are all high definition, detail revealing IEMs.     No winners or losers, they are just different.   Overall: EX1000 is the most magical for sure, transparent, spacious, especially bass.  GR07 and OC can't compete.  however I feel it's dynamics is not correct, it takes energy away, it is pleasant but not energetic.  another thing is recessed mids.   GR07 is reference level, sound is correct everywhere, more...
Oculus unveiled new Earbud for Oculus Rift VR headset in Oculus Connect 3 event this month Oculus claims "They cost $49 and provide an audio experience that's as great as $900 earphones. The earbuds ship on Dec. 6." http://mashable.com/2016/10/06/oculus-earphones-rift-vr-headset/#SzaBnM8y1aqY http://www.techradar.com/news/wearables/oculus-rift-s-new-earbuds-promise-high-end-audio-on-the-cheap-1330071     My initial thinking was wishful, but also skeptical, because...
I am not sure about output impedance value.There is an option to change gain settings according to different headphones:
Meizu MX4 Pro Smartphone, 16GB,  White.  Unlocked. Equipped with ESS SABRE ES9018K2M DAC, OPA1612   Condition: Used, perfect sound quality, great working condition.   Perfect screen  (screen protector was always applied).  Normal wear on the back.   What's included: Original box, phone, extra screen protector.     not original: charger and usb cable.
HTC M8 - nothing special, just like other phones, e.g. Samsung S6.Nexus 6P  (After March 2016)   HiFi grade,     much better than iPhones, Samsungs, HTCs, other Huaweis,  other Nexus... I haven't tried Oppo, Vivo, LG G10.  Hope they can be better than Nexus 6P, because I think there are many areas of 6P's sound can still be improved.
Don't know why Nexus 6P got uniformly negative rating of its sound quality. I just receive mine, and it's sound quality beats all phones / pads I have used, by a fairly large margin.   (Including:   SONY Z3,  Samsung Galaxy S7,  iPhone 6,  Samsung Galaxy S6, and ...) It is truly Hi Fi level of sound quality.    And all other phones are not even close.   Manufacturing date:   2016 03 15 S/N: 84B7N163090033** Bought from:  ...
Agree.  I think earbuds can't beat IEM from almost every aspect, not only bass, but also imaging and subtle details...Need to take out E100's diaphragm and put it into a IEM shell.
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