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- Pending -   For sale a like new Lynx Studio Hilo DAC / ADC with Lynx LT‑USB board, in perfect working condition. Including original documents and boxing.
 I have tried a no brand RCA switch, not the same one as you listed.  I bought it for $29 from Target or RS, I forgot.   The one I tried was not good, it blurred the sound, makes $1000 DAC sounds like computer sound card, and worse than my mobile phone's output.   Returned immediately. You can first try to compare the sound with vs without the RCA switch.  If can't spot any difference, then the switch is good enough, go ahead with A/B test.Hope this RS brand switch is good.
Forbes's preview.   (Doesn't contain anything information we don't know)   "Oppo HA-1 Headphone Amp Preview"
 I heard 'Sabre ESS 9018 is the best DAC' from many occasions as well.  But read this multi-DAC review: this review what I see is that ESS 9018 chip has a critical flaw, which prevents anyone from making a perfect DAC using this chip. (Hilo ranked #6 on the list, they were using the v5 firmware and USB.    From my ears the v6 firmware enhanced the USB...
 Are you playing via USB?      I am only testing playback via USB, using latest 2.20 usb driver.  I did more testings between firmware 5 vs. 6/6.1,  and, I am more certain that they sound quite different via USB:   Compare to v5,  v6/6.1  has higher resolution, cleaner, more focused.  The difference is mainly in the very high frequency area.  Almost sounds like a different (better) DAC.    Maybe update v6 reduced jitter from usb?  or made the power cleaner?Going back to v5...
Regarding firmware v6 (6.1),  anyone noticed any change in sound?         I am not certain at all, but I just feel that compare to v5, v6's sound has higher resolution in the very high frequency region, it becomes more 'focused'.   I only have one Hilo, no A/B testing.  This might be totally psychological.     Anyone have the same feeling? 
3 tasks done, count me in.
 I updated, but found a problem (or I must be crazy) - With firmware v6, all music's pitch increased 1/2 note or 1 note.   I think it is due to playback speed is wrong.  I used a stop watch to measure playback time, I found the playback becomes ~10% faster.    (I didn't dig deeper, but looks like one probable bug can be PC is sending 44.1k, but dac think it is 48k, so there is ~10% difference)I used foobar2000 and JRiver  via WASAPI, ASIO, DirectSound  same issue....
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