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Like new headroom Total Bithead dac/amp original box, accessories. The accessories are shown in the picture of the manual. come with 4 AAA batteries for immediate use as amp, (no batteries are needed  when used as usb dac/amp). The best feature of the amp is the cross feed, really makes sound stage much deeper. Not recommened for IEM use, Best for portable and full size headphones.  ask for price shipped in US, can ship anywhere with actual cost, paypal as gift or add...
The HE500 sound is more similar to dynamic phones or more LCDish, I do not think they are better than HE5 LE. Highly recommend the Lyr + HE6 combo if you are into the hifiman sound.     
HD650 and K701 price increase a lot in Asia from the beginning of this year. I guess a theory of the " Chinese and Indian start to listen Hifi headphones" is being cooked. 
From the name andgenre the headphones stand and probably tuned to, I can imagine what the headphones should sound like. They should sound like the Beats! boomy bass and nothing else,  Am I right? 
Thanks for liking my old Technics 820. But I do not agree that they sound like crap, these have Orhodynamic drivers as the lcd2 and he6 headphones. They sound natural and smooth.     
I had a brief listen to the T50 and not very impressed, probably due to the amp?
I am pretty it was not me     
Thanks for n3rdling for letting me hear his headphones for quite a while ( sorry, Doc B ). The Orpheus is still the ONE, the sound is just beautiful. This is not a 100% faithful rig, but the sound is just lush, smooth with something magic going on there. Time stops when putting these on. n3rdling told me the orpheus is still his go to system now even with 009 sitting aside. It is also great to know that O2 is still his favorite phone for Rock because of more bass and...
super rare Denon AH-D6 portable headphones. There are discussion about whether these are orthodynamic or flat dynamic. near mint condition, with pads replaced with high quality q-Jays foam pads.   1985-1987, original price is about 150$.    Ask for price shipped in US or anywhere with actual cost. 
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