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If you're going to drive some demanding full-size cans like the Q701, your best bet in this price range is the PA2V2 (drives my K701 acceptably). If it has to be Fiio, then just get the E11 (but keep in mind that the soundstage will collapse quite noticeably).
  I can't answer since I can't justify spending more than a few bucks for 'brand-name' protectors (IMO, they all look the same: clear plastic sheets and that's it). I've had the Insten sheets (above link) installed on my ipod for a while now and the clickwheel works just fine. They don't come off too easily especially when used inside a case and leave no glue residue if you want to replace or get rid of them. Heck, you can even wash them and reuse (as advertised :D) but I...
  It looks fine IMO. As for film protector, I use this, nothing fancy but you get a 4-piece kit that covers most of the surface.
So far I've only tried a handful of amps (mostly budget portables) so my experience is very limited. Compared to all those amps (including the O2 and the Audio-GD Compass desktop amp), the Neco has the cleanest presentation with loads of details which becomes more apparent to me when I pair it with the K701 (even prefer it with K701 to the desktop Compass). In terms of power, it's the best portable I've heard. One thing I've noticed with the K701 (or any other full-size...
  It is based on the Cmoy design indeed. But then it drives my K701 beautifully
Haha, I mean yes for your question if I'm a foreign English speaker but yeah, this whole 'yes - no' point still confuses me sometimes.   Didn't realize you wanted a silicone skin (since you wrote 'case'). IMO, a thick case offers better protection but if you really want something thinner, look at Griffin or Belkin products (which look good and pretty durable). Try to avoid the generic Chinese skins as in most cases they turn out bad-looking with sloppy quality.  
Yes, English is not my first language and I'm trying to improve it. I appreciate your grammar inputs :) As for the case, it is a little thick but protection is very good (plus it looks better in person). I would say you'd have to try a bit to pull the ipod out of the case. It fits the 60/80Gb Video snugly so there's no risk of ipod slipping out.  
I can see how it is not silly at all, I'm in the same situation every time I get something 'new' :) Btw, I find this case fantastic for the price Seems they also ship worldwide. Also, in case you would like to look at those cases for the newer Classic ipods, those may fit the old 5G 30GB but not 60/80Gb (in rare cases, they...
  It's a bit on the bulky side though but build quality is hard to match. As for performance, I prefer it by a large margin to the transportable O2.
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