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The SR225/225i is great with Fiio E11 on Bass Boost Level 1, I don't know about the E17 but I would guess it's more or less on the same level with E11 amp-wise. Otherwise, if you want to try tube, you may look into hybrid amps first since they are often cheaper and fairly easier to maintain. My Grados have great synergy with the original Millett Hybrid, Little Dot I+ is also often recommended (I have not tried it myself).
I would probably regret this but since I have acquired a pair of RS2 and can't keep 2 Grados at a time, my beloved SR225 ("non-i" version) is now for sale.   The SR225 are in excellent condition with all letterings intact and no cosmetic blemishes that I can notice. Sonically they're also in perfect working order. The adjusting mechanisms (gimbals/rods) still hold firm. They have never been disassembled or modded in anyway, 100% stock.   Headphones come with: -...
I'm looking for a pair of like new or slighly used (still firm, in good condition) Grado G-Cush (Jumbo) pads. Would prefer to pay less than Amazon Please PM with your offer including shipping to the US if interested. Thank you for reading.
Grado SR225 and Ultrasone HFI-780. Fun to listen to, not picky of source/power, I'll take either as my main phones any day :)
   x2 on Millett Hybrid. I have the MH original build and it does very well with both SR225 and RS2.
PK3, some say PK2 is not really an upgrade from the PK3. I have not heard the PK2 so I don't know how true that is. For electronic music, I'd stick with Yuin instead of Senn MX earbuds (livelier sound, better treble), the Senn have better bass decay and slightly rolled off treble that may benefit other genres though (jazz, for example).
I didn't like the MX880 while I had them (sounded veiled and uncomfortable to wear). I'll take the PK3 over them any day.
  I have not heard the Pro 900 myself so can't comment on how they fare against 750 but opinions on the 900 are quite polarized so 750 might be a safer choice there.   Another option is Sennheiser Amperior which you can get for <200 refurbished. They're excellent (bass, details and speed are great for EDM) if you don't might on-ear design and a pretty tight clam.
You might want to look into the Ultrasone HFI-2400 and Pro 750 as well, besides the Pro 900.   From my limited experience, the Denon D2000 is not fast enough for EDM though may still be enjoyable due to their great sub-bass performance. I would not choose HE-400 either (though they can do excellently with EDM) in this case because those are sort of picky in amplification (in terms of synergy and power) despite the claim that they can be driven by virtually anything,...
  Thanks very much for your advice on amping the HE-400. I'll see what offers I get then I'll make up my mind :)
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