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Thanks for the input. How is the fit with small ears? I heard the XBA-3 are bassy iems and have a warm signature, does this somehow result in overall relaxed/laid back presentation?
Hi all,   I'm relatively new to IEMs and looking for a pair for portable use (preferably one that can sound great straight out of the Ipod 5.5 Gen). I currently own a pair of Spider TinyEar and for the retail price they sound great but I want to explore what is out there if I go further up the scale with IEMs :)   I listen to all genres with an emphasis on Rock/Metal and singer/songwriter stuff. I'd like to stay within the $100-130 price range (the lesser the...
HFI-780 is a great candidate if you want bass/highs and overall clarity but they may sound metallic (unnatural) for some music. HFI-2400 is slightly warmer and has a more organic/meaty sound with better decay but they're slightly slower than the HFI-780 in PRaT.
Update: D2000 is Sold to kickerbox
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Update: HFI-780 is sold. Still taking offers on D2000 and price drop on Proline 2500 (these are amazing can for the money , too bad they don't gain as much exposure)
The PK series don't seem to break easily unless you treat them badly (and they come with a nice and handy canister for storage). Earbuds generally don't have the most robust cables out there so that's the most common problem with them. It comes down to your priority:   - Durablity > SQ: Sennheiser MX680 (the Senn sound decent though PK3 beats them in musicality) - SQ > durability: PK2/PK3
Have not tried the PK2 but for less than $30 the PK3 is just great for casual listening. They sound a little colored (but who cares, they're fun to listen to), are durable enough, easy to drive and fit comfortably  in the ears.
+1 for 580 (if bass quantity/money saving is your top priority) otherwise 780, can't love them enough 
PM replied, still available.
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