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Update: HFI-780 is sold. Still taking offers on D2000 and price drop on Proline 2500 (these are amazing can for the money , too bad they don't gain as much exposure)
The PK series don't seem to break easily unless you treat them badly (and they come with a nice and handy canister for storage). Earbuds generally don't have the most robust cables out there so that's the most common problem with them. It comes down to your priority:   - Durablity > SQ: Sennheiser MX680 (the Senn sound decent though PK3 beats them in musicality) - SQ > durability: PK2/PK3
Have not tried the PK2 but for less than $30 the PK3 is just great for casual listening. They sound a little colored (but who cares, they're fun to listen to), are durable enough, easy to drive and fit comfortably  in the ears.
+1 for 580 (if bass quantity/money saving is your top priority) otherwise 780, can't love them enough 
PM replied, still available.
Due to housing situation, I have to thin out my headphones collection so I'm letting go some of the lesser used cans   Ultrasone Proline 2500: Would have kept these if my situation allowed, sadly I can't keep more than 1 open pair. In great condition, some light marks on the plastic only. The velour pads are practically new on these (they were changed a short while ago and I have not used them much since). Love the speed and details on the 2500s, perfect cans for Alt...
The HE-400 should make a great basshead can that have enough soundstage to spare but they're fully open phones. Best soundstage from a closed can I've heard so far belong to either the Denon D2000 or the Kenwood K1000. Unfortunately the Denon is discontinued and becoming harder to find while the K1000 isn't exactly for basshead. If you want to go the Ultrasone route, I've heard both the Pro 750 or Pro 2900 would be a safer choice than the Pro 900.
Ultrasone HFI-780 or Ultrasone PRO 900 if removable cable is a must. I like the bass on D2000 but still feel Ultrasones work better with electronic music. Be warned that these Ultrasones clamp your head pretty tightly but I can wear them >2hrs with glasses on without problems (it depends on your head's shape).
To OP: Get a pair of Ultrasone HFI-2400, they're great for Alt Rock and should maintain pretty much the same sound signature (only improved, say more controlled and extended bass and treble) of the M50s that you like. Plus they can be found for a very reasonable price.
K701 are quite special cans. I used them with an inexpensive Audio-GD desktop amp/dac and the result was great. They're a bit hard to drive (not so bad as the myth make them to be) and need a decent DAC but nothing crazy price-wise. IMO, if you get them to sound right to your ears (on any system) then you're good, system synergy may add the extra enjoyment but does not magically change the sound sig of the cans (but then I haven't tried a whole lot of equipment). And I...
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