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  Thanks very much for your advice on amping the HE-400. I'll see what offers I get then I'll make up my mind :)
Hi all,   This is an interest check for my HE-400 (not sure if I want to part with them yet).   This is the Revision 2 HE-400. I am the second owner, acquired these from another Head-fier around 5 months ago when they were like new with less than 10 hrs. I only put around 80 hours on them. I'd say the cosmetic condition is 9/10 (non-smoking home). Come with all original packaging + extras:   - Headphones - Pleather / Velour earpads - Stock Canare...
These have decent isolation, a tiny bit better than, say Denon D2000. There're many closed-back phones that can outdo them in this department though. But I have a small head so that may have something to do with getting the best seal. My guess is if the CD3000 and DX1000 can't cope with the noise then the K1000 probably won't do any better.
I haven't heard the Pro 900 but people have reported that they have recessed mids and piercing highs (can be cured with simple mods), bass is among the best in their price range though. So if you you're into electronic music there should be no problem, many people enjoy their Pro 900 with other genres as well, it's a matter of taste I guess. I used to have the Pro 2500 which is an open version and sound essentially close to the Pro 750, from what I read, some people still...
From what you described, perhaps the K270's sound does not suit you. I would suggest looking into the Ultrasone HFI-780 or Pro 750 if you want closed headphones with great bass, good details and soundstage and get an E17 which will serve both your portable and laptop setups.
  Definitely try them first with your friend's amp and see if you really like the K270 sound. If you decide to keep them and invest in an inexpensive amp, I would suggest a E11 if you mainly use headphones on the go (plugging in portable players/phones, etc), otherwise, for a laptop setup, E10 is hard to beat. Fiio have newer and better models like the E17 and E12 though, it all depends on how much you want to spend.
  You haven't described the sound sig you want. I'm guessing more texture and body in the low spectrum? Have you tried amping the K270? I haven't heard them but some say these are quite picky when it comes to amplification. Again, even if it's the case, the K270 is tuned for studio monitoring so they may not be "fun" and engaging enough for your taste. I would try amping them first with something readily available (say, plugging into a receiver) and see how things go or...
  I had a great laugh at those lines. I didn't know they went that far with their marketing nonsense. Again, I don't have anything against Beats and people who like their headphones, but seriously, "recovers lost data in mp3 compression"??? 
  I can't imagine something with muddy mids/highs n/or bloated bass being "fun" at all. A "fun" headphone for me is one with great attack (PRaT), good bass but still retains clarity. And being colored (as vs balanced) doesn't necessarily mean boosting some range to the extend that it bleeds into other range. IMO, fun headphones can be colored and accurate (presenting all there is in a recording) at the same time, just not studio-monitoring accurate if you know what I mean.
Thanks guys. I appreciate the detailed descriptions. Both are promising soundwise, don't know about fit though. I think I'm gonna buy em both and return the less preferred one. At the end of the day, you can't avoid playing around with different kinds of tips to get an optimal fit I guess :)
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