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  I had a great laugh at those lines. I didn't know they went that far with their marketing nonsense. Again, I don't have anything against Beats and people who like their headphones, but seriously, "recovers lost data in mp3 compression"??? 
  I can't imagine something with muddy mids/highs n/or bloated bass being "fun" at all. A "fun" headphone for me is one with great attack (PRaT), good bass but still retains clarity. And being colored (as vs balanced) doesn't necessarily mean boosting some range to the extend that it bleeds into other range. IMO, fun headphones can be colored and accurate (presenting all there is in a recording) at the same time, just not studio-monitoring accurate if you know what I mean.
Thanks guys. I appreciate the detailed descriptions. Both are promising soundwise, don't know about fit though. I think I'm gonna buy em both and return the less preferred one. At the end of the day, you can't avoid playing around with different kinds of tips to get an optimal fit I guess :)
  Now you're making it hard to decide again  The reason I'm leaning towards the HF5 is that they don't seem to stick as much out of the ear as bigger iems like XB3. And I guess deeper insertion may prevent the phones from falling out as I move. I once tried a friend's Shure SCL4 and they couldn't stay in my ears unless I pushed them in quite deep, which resulted in bad comfort as they are not designed to be worn that way.   Anyway, if you have heard both, how different is...
Very informative, thank you. I was afraid that the XBA-3 wouldn't fit me well when I saw the housing (they look awesome though). This is quite a deal breaker for me. So despite the tempting sound signature you described, I think I may go with the Etys instead. I'm not against deep insertion as long as the tips fit right and I don't want to experience with lots of aftermarket tips to find out.   Anyway, if there's another good option vs the HF5, I'm all ears :)
Thanks for the input. How is the fit with small ears? I heard the XBA-3 are bassy iems and have a warm signature, does this somehow result in overall relaxed/laid back presentation?
Hi all,   I'm relatively new to IEMs and looking for a pair for portable use (preferably one that can sound great straight out of the Ipod 5.5 Gen). I currently own a pair of Spider TinyEar and for the retail price they sound great but I want to explore what is out there if I go further up the scale with IEMs :)   I listen to all genres with an emphasis on Rock/Metal and singer/songwriter stuff. I'd like to stay within the $100-130 price range (the lesser the...
HFI-780 is a great candidate if you want bass/highs and overall clarity but they may sound metallic (unnatural) for some music. HFI-2400 is slightly warmer and has a more organic/meaty sound with better decay but they're slightly slower than the HFI-780 in PRaT.
Update: D2000 is Sold to kickerbox
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