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Headphones are in perfect working condition. Fairly used cosmetically but nothing too bad.   Please see photos for condition. Cups are in good condition, no noticeable scratches on the wood. The headband has some peeling on one side so I covered up with black tape (headband structure is fine, the tape just prevents more peeling in the headband pleather). Earpads are still soft and have no cracks in the leather except wear sign around the parts that latch on to the cup...
Thanks man :) They sound really nice and clean. Look great too. I just don't find myself needing portable cans as much as I used to.
MD username: risen_fallen   Interested to see on MD: Sennheiser HD800
Headphones are in great condition. Include the box and all accessories.   Sound is great, very detailed and easy to like. These are more on the neutral side but definitely not boring. There are plenty of good reviews on these.   Selling as I need the fund to upgrade my computer.   I will pay for shipping to US. I will ship internationally but buyer has to cover shipping cost.   Please pm if you have any questions.
Hard to beat this set up at this price. I don't see replacing mine any time soon. Someone'd better snatch them up quick ;)
To update this thread for anyone that may have the same question, I tried Beyer DT250 earpads on these Denon D750 without problem so any compatible earpads with Sony V6 should do just fine.
Hi guys,   I've recently acquired a pair of AH-D750 (yes, the Denon old line in the 90s) in not-so-great condition. I've been curious about their sound so I decided to take the plunge anyway. The headband pads and earpads are torn and need replacing. From the photos they look a lot like the type of pads used on Sony V-series (especially the V900 or HD 7509 HD).   I know it's a long shot but I'd appreciate if someone could confirm if these Sony pads can be used on my...
Up for sale is my iBasso Python D3 DAC/Amp. Almost forgot I still had this lying around in my drawer. Condition is pretty good. Couple of small scratches but nothing too visible. This one comes with the Black case (no Silver case). Works perfectly on Mac OSX no drivers needed. I believe you don't need driver for Windows either. The unit comes with 5 AAA rechargeable batteries (Eneloop brand) I just bought brand new since the old cheaper ones I have went bad after almost 2...
Putting my trusty HD580 (older black driver) up for sell or trade.   The headphones are in overall good condition considering age. Couple of small paint chips but nothing too major, the letters on the headband are mostly intact. Earpads have just been replaced with aftermarket pads from ebay. I recently replaced the headband pads with a new Beyer headband wrap. These come with a HD650 cable. No original packaging.   I did the foam removal mod on the drivers and also...
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