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  I hear pure silence through my 2011 Mac mini > HRT MSII+ > Asgard. between tracks or when nothing is playing.  
I'll do that.....   Just curious, then why was the relay added?
So I hooked up the Asgard today.....very impressed.   Just curious....I get a nice pop when turned off and on. Is this normal....I assume I have the one with the relay.
So, I got my Asgard today and am really impressed with the build quality. And as a fan of Monoprice cables, I was also surprised to see a Monoprice RCA to stereo mini packed in.   Been a big fan of Jason Stoddard and Sumo.....still have my Polaris amp that I have owned since 1986ish, and am glad to see his mark on current designs.    
The only time a "high end" USB cable might make a difference is if you try to exceed 5 meters. If you need a one meter cable, you are just throwing money away.Better to get a cheap cable from Monoprice and can of gold spray paint....maybe a Bedazzler or some glitter, and pretend you spent a crap load of money.
My first post....been lurking for awhile.   I run a 2011 Mac mini into a HRT MSII+ > Marantz 2220 that has been recapped and LED upgraded. Not in the picture is a Dual 2019 and speakers are Paradigm Atoms, v.6's. I have an Asgard on the way and currently use Grado SR80i's....but toying with a few others.   Freakin love the Marantz....20W at 40% volume it's almost too clipping at all.  
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