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I have to say that the Asgard is a beautiful piece of mechanical art, and knowing the history of the designers, the innards equally so. Once the amp settles in temp wise, it is amazingly transparent and really opens up the music. IMHO, Schiit could, with the designers provenance, sell the Asgard for a $1,000.
I have never tried the uDac-2, but looking at it...not sure. Schiit has a 15 day return policy, sooooo....
Contact Schiit.....great customer service.....   My Asgard is dead silent between tracks and between albums.  
That's a bit higher then the OP's sub $200 mark.
I had the newest version HRT MS II which was on my living room rig connected to a 2011 Mac mini. Then I bought the II+ and brought the II to work. I found that they sounded so similar that I question my choice of not getting another II and just saving some money. The MS II is a great DAC and I am really looking forward to their future models etc.
What number is your Asgard?, mine is 931.....
If I like the song, I'll enjoy it on an AM radio.
Might be a Mac vs PC thing. Before I am labeled a Mac fan.....I use PC's...Win 7 on all my daily computing, but use a Mac mini has my audio source at home. I will say when I listen to music on my Win 7 desktop at work, I hear all types of stuff, etc.
  I hear pure silence through my 2011 Mac mini > HRT MSII+ > Asgard. between tracks or when nothing is playing.  
I'll do that.....   Just curious, then why was the relay added?
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