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  I lived across the street from Ronnie James Dio.....parents still live there. Jumilla St., Woodland Hills, CA. He used to mow his own lawn with his tour bus parked in front. Was not a Dio fan, but he was a cool guy. My parents were invited to his funeral.  
  I ordered straight from Audio-GD and got it in five days shipped to the US.
I used the HRT MSII in my living room rig until I moved it to my office and replaced it with the II+. Honestly, I should of saved my money and kept the II at home....great sounding DAC, which hides out of the way behind my equipment. If you want flashy equipment, or a built in HA...look elsewhere. If you want a great sounding DAC that is a steal at $150ish, get the MSII.
  The sound profile of the NFB-12 can be changed through jumpers. Most of the reviews I have read are based in the default 2X oversampling , Minimum phase 'soft-knee' filter.....I am using a NFB-12 and feel it is a steal at $248 shipped.....love the sound. Less fatigue then the HRT MSII+>Schiit Asgard I use in the living room.
Wow.....I am really digging the sound out of this....hard to explain. Reminds me of my old Sumo Polaris II. No fatigue after 6+ hours non-stop. Very creamy. Listening to Caribou Swim remixes in FLAC atm.....beautiful.
Well....ordered the NFB-12 last Thursday and it was just delivered this morning. Been running for the last five hours and it is barely warm to the touch....Sounds fantastic with my Grados. The bass has a little more punch then my Schiit Asgard feed by a HRT MS II+ and Decibel....which is a Mac based system. This NFB-12 is on a Win 7 box and Foobar.....   Overall, I think this is a steel at $248 shipped.
Well....just ordered last Thursday and got an email that it shipped Friday...looking forward to givng this a try.
No preamp, but a great self powered DAC.....HRT Music Streamer II.
I am using a Schiit Asgard for my 80i's which should work nice with the 325is's.   Thanks    
Grado SR80i's to 325is's......   Loving my Grado SR80i's but it's getting old moving them between the computer room and the living room. So I was thinking of getting 325is's.   what can I expect?    
New Posts  All Forums: