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Well after reading though this thread I added two pair to an order I was placing with MP on Sunday morning.....They arrived this morning and I been listening to then for the last couple hours. I think they sound fantastic, and it's a joke that they sell for $7.11. The only issue I have with them as someone else here said was the cords transmit any rubbing sounds, which is a bit annoying.
I am a huge fan of Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat.....The Asgard being their first amp, will be a classic......These guys are audio Gods....Seriously, if I sell it, I get what.... 2 Bills? That's like 30 minutes with a just off crack hooker.  
The Asgard is an amazing amp......I will never sell it.
Using flacplayer......  
But I see no reason to convert my FLAC's to ALAC, since I can play FLAC's just fine on the iPod, my 2011 Mac mini and PC's.....
All of my lossless audio is in FLAC....
  Do these EQ apps work with all audio? Seems like they only add EQ to audio they can play and not adjust streaming audio like MOG. I have a collection of MP3's, FLAC's and stream through MOG.   Thanks    
I got an iPod Touch 4G 64gb as a thank you from a client today.....so what can I do other then Ebay'ing it to make it sound better?.......Looking to make a project out of it.....money is not an issue.   I am all about stationary equipment, so portable is all new to me.....
  I lived across the street from Ronnie James Dio.....parents still live there. Jumilla St., Woodland Hills, CA. He used to mow his own lawn with his tour bus parked in front. Was not a Dio fan, but he was a cool guy. My parents were invited to his funeral.  
  I ordered straight from Audio-GD and got it in five days shipped to the US.
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