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I am using a 2011 Mac mini with a HRT MSII+ and a Schiit the setup and sound quality. I also own a Adio-GD NFB-12 and am using it on a PC in my office and really like that Dac/Amp combo.
I am curious also.....
You should take your own advise before posting this......I was just posting my opinion, which is what a forum is for.   And yes, I do own an NFB-12.....    
Their products are so cost effective......just deal with it, or move on. Perfection doesn't come cheap....if at all.
I saw the amp next to a non LED Marantz with new vellum and bulbs, and the blue was pretty close. Nice thing about LED's is they last way longer then the bulbs and don't give off heat so the vellum doesn't yellow over time. Plus the LED are direct replacements with no modifications in case someone wants to go back to bulbs.
I run a 2220 into Paradigm Atom v.6's (90dB sensitivity) and at 40% volume they are too loud for a room that is 15'x25' .....all without clipping. Mine is mint and has been recapped and LED upgraded and I paid $160. I love this amp and the sound is fantastic.   Below are pics of my setup. Out of the picture is an HRT MSII+ and Dual 1019...and since this pic was taken, I have added a Schiit Asgard just to the right of the Marantz.    
This thing needs to run for an hour+....then it just flows. When I first turn it on, I am not that impressed...little harsh and distant. But once she gets nice and toasty.....she sounds fantastic.
So the wax guard came out of my left I popped the other one out. They sound even better.
Looking for IEM's that will make Jaco Pastorius shine......
Sounds like one of the screws is not tightened enough......mine has never popped.
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