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If that was aimed at me.....Yeah, I have seen X many many times.  
You should do like I did....LA Punk shows from 1979 - mid 90's with no hearing protection..... That will tame the highs....
I have a CMoy from JDS Labs and love it. I am using it with an iPod Touch, FiiO LOD and my TF10's. The sound really opened up from the iPod alone and if I had to do it again, I'd buy another.
Anyone have a list of people who make LOD's for iPods?
All I use are Grado's with my Asgard.....let the Asgard get up to temp, and the Grado's sound like magic.
  You must know my wife.....
I read this as I am listening to Celtic Frost on my TF10's....I have always been a fan of repetitive/melodic bands.....Helmet, Celtic Frost, Discharge etc.    
If I got in on this...what is the turn around?
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