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How about the RE0's......? The best under $100 IEM's I have ever heard....not like I have heard a lot.....but equal to my ER-4P's  
I listen to music.
I got my new ER-4PT's today....and I am in love. The song I always test speakers and headphones with is Chick Corea's Electric Band...."Got A Match" and these wiped the floor with any IEM's I have ever tried. Very quick....very quick. Nailed everything.
I have seen the Butthole Surfers many times.....last time was when they opened up for Nirvana at the Forum. Yeah DC had some of the best punk bands...I am still friends with John Stabb from Government Issue and to this day the best punk show I ever saw was Bad Brains at Devonshire Downs....It was TSOL, Circle One, Red Cross and Bad Brains. HR was flying all over the place....he did a back flip into the pit and kept was insane. I was in a punk band that...
I have an HRT MSII for sale in the market.....  
3.5 is like when you are masturbating....LOD is when you climax.
  Never saw that Documentary....I'll have to check it out.    I loved the LA punk bands....but also liked the out of state bands. I smoked weed with the Bad Brains(DC) before they played at Santa Monica Civic.(Bad Religion, Bad Brains, Discharge)...   BTW....This pic was taken in 1982....I am on the far left.....and this is how punks really looked in LA. Half those people are dead (RIP)  
  I was very active in the LA Punk scene, still am. Black Flag, Circle Jerks, TSOL, Minor Threat, Minutemen, Red Cross, 45 Grave, Ramones, Motorhead, Anti Nowhere League, Bad Brains. Exploited, Discharge, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedy's, FEAR, Wasted Youth.....Clubs I used to see shows at.....Cuckoos Nest, Starwood, Godzilla's, Olympic, Cathay De Grande, Hollywood Palladium, Whiskey A Go Go, Fenders Ballroom, Devonshire Downs....
I can hear the difference, but still use 320kbps....the sound difference doesn't warrant the effort for me. 320kbps is still very musical to my old ears. 94 HD FXR also added to the pain....oh, and years of guns and fire least I always wear protection now. Had my ears tested and can just hear 16k at 46 years old.  
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