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I am using Grado RS1i's........so you say I should upgrade those?
Any reason to sell my NFB-12 and buy the NFB-15.1? I still dig my 12.....just itching to buy something else.  
Those that say theirs is getting too hot, I would like to see temps.
I have been listening to my NFB-12 (going on 7 hours.....as I work at home) and it is barely warm. I just hit it with a Fluke temp gauge......97.1 F was the hottest part looking down on the left side rear. The very front top is 94.3 F. That to me is not hot. Also the unit sits on top of my computer and has a Sonos Bridge sitting on top.  
I bought these Etymotic ER-4PT and have really only used them maybe a total of 5 hours. They are in perfect brand new condition without any damage of any kind. Comes with all the original accessories and packaging as shown in the picture. I am asking $175 through PayPal (no gift option please) which includes free shipping to CONUS only. If you want these shipped out of the US, the buyer will have to pay 100% of the shipping fees in addition to the asking price.
SOLD - NEW Grado SR80i's - Price Reduced   I got these as a gift and have never used them. They are still in the factory sealed box. Asking $80 PayPal...and will ship free insured to CONUS ONLY.   If you have any questions, let me know.   Thanks
UPDATE - Will include a 1m pair of Audioquest Sidewinder interconnects.
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