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I was using a MusicStreamer II back when they came out and found it to be a great sounding DAC. Had an urge to get a II+, but not sure what the status is of the company. Line is a bit stale.....Still might grab one.
Using a TP-Link C2600/Seagate USB HD as a NAS over a TENDA P1002P Powerline network > ASUS RT-AC66U AP > Raspberry pi 3 running Moode > Dragonfly Black USB DAC > PSAudio Sprout > Paradigm Atom V.5 speakers.   Works flawlessly and sounds great! FLACs up to 24/192 with zero pops, cut outs etc.
Rockbox'd Clip Zip, CMoyBB, RE0's.        
Audio GD NFB-12. This is the one that has the user selectable jumpers that change the sampling/filter values. I have owned this since December 2011 and it has at least 100 hours on it. It is in MINT condition and comes with everything shown. I am asking $160 with free shipping to the US. 
Price Drop   I have only used these maybe 10ish hours and they are in mint condition. No damage to cables or shells. Pictures shows all the items that you will receive. I accept PayPal verified address only. Asking $SOLD which includes free shipping to USA only, will not ship outside the US.
I am selling my 64gb Black Gen 4 iPod Touch, FiiO LOD, Apple Charger and USB cable, Monoprice skin and original Apple earbuds. The iPod is in perfect, MINT condition. Not a scratch, blemish, nick....nothing!  I used to use this only for listening while the wife was sleeping, but now just hook directly into my headphone amp. When the iPod was being used it was stored in a lined box. The charger has a few scratches and is not mint. I am selling everything for $175 with...
Is this verified that the amp is not bypassed.....Not saying you are not correct, just looking for other sources. If so, it kinda bums me out. I have a NFB-12 that can run forever and not overheat, but I have been thinking of using another HP Amp to use with the 12's DAC.   Oh well......
My Dual 1019....not shown is the original plexi cover.
Fred_Fred Mega Capacitor Cmoy that I haven't used in awhile. In mint condition.......$26 and includes free USPS Priority shipping. US addresses only.   Thanks....
Yeah, my sig was a little old......I was looking at the 15 so I could mess with the filters easier then popping the top off.
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