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I will be going to pick up the Midwest He-560 as soon as I get off of work today. I'm very excited to try them out!
Selling my Estron Linum cable. This is the "MMXC" style that's comparable with Shure IEMs. Used only once or twice, I bought a few of these a couple of months ago. This is not the braided "Bax" version, it's the single cable version. Paid $75 new with shipping. Price includes shipping/paypal fees.
That's probably the most exciting thing that there could possibly be a demo for at the moment (in my opinion at least). I've been contemplating buying a pair for a while now but would definitely love to have a chance to hear them first!
I would definitely check out the Shure 1540 as well at that price point. They can be had at about $400 and will sound excellent with little power. Hd600/650 are definitely a solid recommendation and are still the best >$500 HPs IMO as long as your sony can power them adequately.
To be honest I'm not sure about exactly where they are in the airport, I actually have not been to the airport in quite some time.  I just know about the store because I've read a few people on here and other sites say they have listened to/bought the se846 there.  Your best bet would probably be to call them before going, I'm sure they carry slightly different stuff at all of their locations and they could probably let you know before you drive there just what they have. ...
Unfortunately that's the only one I know of in the area (with more high end offerings at least). There are the less exciting places like Guitar Center that carry some stuff but nothing too high end. I know that InMotion carries the Shure line of iems which many people would highly recommend (I have the 846 at the moment) and some other gear as well. It is inconvenient that it's at the airport but from what I read they have a respectable collection of headphones/iems.
I live in Columbus, Ohio but am from the pittsburgh area originally. I believe there is an InMotion store in the airport. I know some people have checked out shure 846s at those stores although I haven't been to one personally.
I have owned both and would personally recommend the Gs1000 as well. I actually prefer them over the PS1000 and they are easily my favorite HPs Grado offers at the moment. Never understood why they get so much negative feedback around here.
Selling my Centrance Hifi-M8. This is the XL4 iOS version. It's in excellent condition and comes with everything it did new. Selling as I'm getting more into iems now and want do buy another DAP for portable use (something smaller than this). There are tons of reviews on these and it is truly a great sounding device. PM me with any questions
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