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Selling my Cambridge 640P. It's the silver version. In excellent condition, no noticeable blemishes. Used lightly (maybe 20-30 hours). Don't have the original packaging but I will box it up well. Pics upon request. PM me with any questions Thanks Justin
Selling my X5 as I no longer use it. It's in like new condition. Comes with all packaging and accessories. I will include the fiio stacking kit (including the 1/4" cable, straps and plastic thing). The feet of the stacking kit are currently on the X5, I can remove them upon request or leave them on. You may want them if you're pairing it with another amp, but they're just basic little rubber sticky feet that could easily be replaced. PM me with questions
Selling my pro 900s to raise some funds for a new speaker setup. Not interested in trades. Cosmetically there is some wear, but they function just like new (used a lot at first but spent the last year boxed up not getting used). There are two small dings on one cup and some hairline scratches/scuffs on the metal. The plastic on the headband is a bit scuffed also. They function/sound just as new though. Comes with all accessories and original packaging (2 cables, case,...
You should do it
Saw this a while back. Almost too cheap to be real, Is this a legit site?
Looking for a used DX2000. Hopefully mint condition. Please PM me with any offers. Thanks!
Selling my E12 DIY. It's in perfect condition and comes with all accessories and original packaging. Price includes shipping within the US and paypal fees. Sold
Everything is like new. Includes X5, E12 DIY, stacking kit and fiio case. Have all accessories and all original packaging. Includes shipping anywhere in US (US only please) paypal fees on buyer. I have two pretty much brand new samsung 64gb micro sd cards I bought to use with this, if you want them I can include them for a flat $30 each. PM me with any questions Will sell X5 by itself for $290 Will sell the E12DIY by itself for $190 $15 for the case and stacking...
Selling my D7100s. They are in flawless condition and look/function just like new. They come with everything they did new as well. Pice includes shipping. I do love the way these sound and I'm sure I'll regret selling them, I just find myself constantly using my IEMs these days and these aren't getting much use. PM me with any questions.
I will be going to pick up the Midwest He-560 as soon as I get off of work today. I'm very excited to try them out!
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