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Bought these a little bit more than a year ago. The right earpiece cuts out intermittently, but the left works just fine.  I think it is a wiring issue (as opposed to a driver issue) because I can get the sound back sometimes by re-adjusting the orientation of the wire. I will include the original packaging and all accessories as pictured.     I recently purchased the Westone 4s so I'm just looking to hand these off to another head-fi member who needs the accessories or...
Price Drop
Sometimes they post a list of them on the sponsor announcements in the headphones (full-size) forum. But you typically have ask about the specific model(s) by email or by using the live help function on the site.
+1 for the Ultrasone Pro   You can find them around 300 and at that price, can't be beat for what you're looking for (bass, looks, portability).  
I think the prices are pretty competitive, especially for the high-end cans. Also, they have free overnight shipping and great deals on open box or floor model items.  I got the HE-500s for $560.  You can't even find them used at that price.  
I am selling a gift certificate to with $301 left on it.   Price includes paypal fees.  I will forward the gift certificate email to the buyer, so no shipping fees.  You can check my ebay profile (supercollider11) for additional feedback.   I bought 2 x $500 gift certificates during the sale a few weeks ago and ended up only using some of it for the HE-500s (instead of all of it for the LCD2s).   PM me if you're interested.  Thanks. 
I haven't used them, but I know that the Sony MDR-1R and Ultrasone Pro 900 are in that price range and are well regarded around here.  You'll also find them for a good deal cheaper than the beats pro.
I would suggest the Beyerdynamic dt880 and Sennheiser HD650.  I haven't heard the Beyers but I know they are well regarded around here and have great bass extension.  I own the Senns and they are great with R&B and vocals in general.  The Beyers are a bit cheaper and since amping is highly recommended for both headphones, it'd be good to fit that into your budget.
I think the best isolation for your price range is going to be the Etymotic er4p.  They are IEMs (so same issues mentioned by the other posters) but they can be found for ~$200 (U.S.) from 3rd party retailers on Amazon and below that used either on this forum or eBay.  I haven't owned or heard them, but I know they are very well regarded in these forums.
+ 1 for the iSport.  I bought a pair a few months ago, and they are awesome. Waterproof (and washable), stay in your ear, and have a sound signature that is perfect for working out (i.e. bass heavy). If you don't care about integration with your phone and have no qualms about appearing to support a certain disgraced athlete, I would suggest the yellow livestrong edition (~$50).  
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