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Have someone here tried the DAC1 as DAC/AMP combo with the HE500? I have maybe a really good deal that I want to grab, but I want to hear with you guys if you have heard it with the Hifiman.  
Have someone here tried the DAC1 as DAC/AMP combo for the HD800? Can it work or is it too bright?  
Plugged in my HE500 in the Leckerton (usb from galaxy s3) while working around in the house, the sound coming from this little amp/dac is just amazing. Even though it don't power the HE500 to it's fullest, the sound from it is just brilliant.  
Thank you for your reply! :)  
  I see you have tested the HD800 and O2 (ODA) in your avatar, how did they sound together? Just curious.
And many disagree ;) That is the world of hifi :)
The one who says the O2 can't drive the HE500 state it as a matter of fact instead of saying that they don't like how it sounds. The ODAC/O2 drives HE500 really nicely and give them a great sound in my honest opinion. I don't want to start a debate, but I also want people who reads this thread that there are people (like me) out there who really enjoys the ODAC/O2 and the HE500 together :)   NFB-10SE is good though, you can see what you prefer, more options are always...
I owned to combo and it sounded good in balanced. Then I got an ODAC/O2 combo for the office, I sold to NFB-10SE shortly after that.
I use them with Mad Dogs right now. I would say that O2/ODAC drive them better, but they sound mighty fine out of the leckerton as well!
Is there any possibility that V-moda will sell the micro to micro usb OTG cable separately?  
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