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This sounds like a perfect dac for the HD800. I am now using the BM DAC1 and it can be a bit to harsh on the top.
I got the same, I think it's normal.
Always max out the volume on your PC(soundcard) and software. I am guessing the Vali would be a nice upgrade and play well with the HD650.
Thank you for the impressions! Sounds like a lovely pairing
How are the Woo audio 2 with the HD800, anyone here have any good experience with it?
Just got HD800 in and listening to it now! I can't believe people say that this is a bright headphone, it's sound perfectly natural to me!
Hmmm, maybe I should give tubes a try after all.
Thank you and thank you! I think Ayreon is maybe the most underrated music project in our modern days. I always say to people that if you like Pink Floyd, you will love Ayreon.
Guess I'm joining you guys in a few days! Serial number is 049**, so I guess they are pretty old. They still look really good though:     (Why is the picture turned, how do I edit this? )
I am really curious about how the K812 will compare to the HD800 and T1. I'm guessing maybe somewhere in between.
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