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Great impressions so far, thank you! Sorry for stalking you in this and the Questyle thread :)
Please, more impressions! I only have the Vali for now, but this might be the next amp for me! Are you saying it is smoother (more relaxed?) than the Vali?
I so want this amp now...
This DAC just keeps getting better and better. I'm especially impressed with the USB input, no other USB/spdif-converter has been on par with the USB input on the X-Sabre in my experience. Disclaimer: I haven't heard the fully upgraded audiophilio or OR5, but those costs almost more than the DAC itself, so I wouldn't bother. Point is that this play REALLY great with any PC audio. I mainly use PC as a music source, and to have this good of a sound from the X-sabre is...
 So flying spaghetti monster is real if I just believe enough? I would say otherwise, live by facts and ignore your perception because often you are wrong (google cognitive biases).
This is my impression as well. Loving the soundstage with x-sabre and HD800 so far!
Thank you!
X-sabre in the house and burning in! This thing is heavy! I went with the silver one and it is so far the best looking equipment (beside the hd800) I have owned, looks really nice. I am enjoying the sound right out of the box, so far so good!
 Thank you for the tip, I'll check it out!
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