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Is there any possibility that V-moda will sell the micro to micro usb OTG cable separately?  
I use mine as portables with no problem. Why aren't they portable for you? They don't fit in the pocket, but that should known that by looking at the pictures of them.
    The bass in the V3's are more boomy in the sub-bass, it creates a more "fun" sound. The soundstage is smaller than the MD's, but still very good. V3's have the same 3D feeling as MD's, but they sound a bit more intimate. I would say that the V3's are a bit more fun sounding, while I feel the MD's are a bit more accurate in the frequency representation. Both are great sounding for their asking price though, and I wouldn't live without any of them. 
Did some fixing to the guide and brushed up the exclusive mode a bit. Please give feedback if you have tried the exlusive mode or have any problems! :)  
Same. I have tried it both HE-500 and Mad Dogs and they sound great on high gain. I usually use them with both Mad Dog and 1964 V3 (ciem), and they work great with both. This dac/amp is a really great allrounder.
  Different. I would say they compare to eachother, but the Mad Dogs sounds bigger. The V3's are a great buy and the best sounding IEM I have heard, but as far as sound quality goes I think I have to give the upper hand to the Mad Dog (alpha pads). However as a easy portable solution and with excellent isolation the V3's wins. If I am commuting, in town or at a busy cafe, I have a better listening experience with the V3's. At home and around the office I use the Mad Dogs....
Yes, this is what I meant :)
I think the new Mad Dog with alpha pads are probably 80% of the HE-500. I feel they have the same signature, but the HE-500 wins in the treble region, and while the Mad Dogs are smoother they are not as airy. At this pricepoint and being a closed headphone the Mad Dog really impress me.
Just got mine in, upgrade from the oldest shure 840 version to the new and improved alpha pads. This is a night and day upgrade. The comfort is a huge improvement over the shure pads and I can honestly say that these are most comfortable headphone I have ever worn (note with the comfort strap), and I have never had such a good seal over my ears.    The sound is also improved by alot. I have to listen a bit more to say exactly what I hear, and maybe give them a...
This is what I use, and the V3 sounds great with the -12dB low gain.
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