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I have both and the ADA4627-1B is worth every cent in my opinion. Fuller bass, better stage and more natural sound.
Quite frankly, I like it. It sounds somewhat smoother. Might be placebo (since I used a lot of time getting it right), but that's why we're in this hobby right? ;)
Got it to work! Had to use WASAPI instead of ASIO, don't know why but now it works!
Any tried to use Jriver MC19 to upsample PCM to DSD with the x-sabre? I made it work x64, but with x128 I only get distortion. Anyone know anything about this?
Anyone have tried the Schiit Wyrd with the X-sabre? Anyone think it will make a difference?
I never said it was a bad thing, if you read the other parts you would have seen that :)
Last update on my issues with the Questyle:   I've narrowed the problem it down through testing and pure stubbornness. One side of my apartment does have some sorts of power problem that affects the laptop and it in turn affects the USB out.   After I tried another room and loaned a external USB with dedicated power from a friend I suddenly have no issues at all. In fact now the amp sounds better then it ever did and I am enjoying the sound immensely. This is the best...
Btw, I appreciate you guys trying to help me! Thank you!  
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