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Don't forget Questyle CMA800R. I am running it SE from X-Sabre and enjoying the combo immensely! I had some initial problems, but that was on my end (crappy USB-out from laptop amongst other things). You can run it 2x monoblock in balanced. I recommend you look at the updated review from Project86.
 Yeah I read that too. However I think CMA800R is an amp that you needs to grow on you. I can see why someone would say that at a meet. I am very happy pairing it with X-Sabre for now! Not dull sounding to my ears.
 I think you probably would like the Questyle CMA800R as well. 
Agree. The Questyle is a great amp for HD800. Very detailed with nice imaging and soundstage, yet smooth up top and have great bass slam.
So you don't experience any sonic advantage with using the wyrd whatsoever?
Can you please try the X-sabre with the Wyrd? I have a really crappy USB out on my laptop and while the x-sabre handles it very very well I am always thinking it could be somewhat improved...
Yeah Op-amps can change the sound of this neat little amp, my pref. is the ADA4627-1B by far, but you might find other that will suit your music better.
I agree, some DACs have this edge in snare drums that makes new recordings sound harsh and strident. The X-sabre have this nice "softness" about it that makes newly mixed albums sound much better while keeping a neutral tone overall. Also the soundstage of the x-sabre is both very wide and deep.
Vali is great sounding, but it has some ringing when you put in the cable or hit the table with something. It never bothered me, and I had one of the earlier model (first 200 or so) which they said had even more ringing. I still have the amp, and plug it in sometimes for AB-ing something or listening next to the bedside. IMO the greatest price/perfomance-ratio amp for the HD800, with the downside of some ringing. Which again, never bothered me.
New Posts  All Forums: