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 Thank you for the tip, I'll check it out!
Well I sold my DAC1 and went for the X-sabre. Thank you Purrin for answering and helping me, I feel that the Matrix will suit my tastes better then the Gungnir :)   Speaking about that, it seems like the Matrix X-sabre got a lot of high grades in another place, but in this thread it got a pretty low ranking. Is that a preference thing? Or is it that you guys weight some attributes more? Like continousness of sound and micro dynamics over blackness or Plankton. Thinking...
Thank you! I am astounded by how well the Vali plays with HD800, however I think I might prefer a SS amp going upwards. I think a GS-X is a bit out my pricerange atm. It would be nice if matrix made a high end amp for HD800 that stacks with the X-sabre
Thank you for a great read on the x-sabre, looks like I made the right choice. Now I am in the same boat as you, looking for the perfect amp ;)
That's a really nice stack you have there! I also use the BDv2. Impression with the Yulong amp would be most welcome!
 I think 2 was answered in this thread already. It was tested with a usb cable without power supply and the dac still worked, so it has internal power supply with usb.
It's also why I found my HE500 to sound good with lesser recordings. The dynamic flaws and compression in the masters weren't as exposed.
What? I love my HD800 with metal! Bands like Ayreon, Opeth, and early dream theater sounds awsome with a lot of details!
Vali is some serious business with HD800 plugged in. I can't believe something so cheap can sound so good. Crazy synergy with the HD800.
 Great to hear that you can find synergy and good equipment that is "old". We are very focused on getting "the new" and "better" gear all the time, while some "older" gear don't get too much attention even though they sound very good (and sometimes even better) than the new stuff.
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