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It's also why I found my HE500 to sound good with lesser recordings. The dynamic flaws and compression in the masters weren't as exposed.
What? I love my HD800 with metal! Bands like Ayreon, Opeth, and early dream theater sounds awsome with a lot of details!
Vali is some serious business with HD800 plugged in. I can't believe something so cheap can sound so good. Crazy synergy with the HD800.
 Great to hear that you can find synergy and good equipment that is "old". We are very focused on getting "the new" and "better" gear all the time, while some "older" gear don't get too much attention even though they sound very good (and sometimes even better) than the new stuff.
Good luck and take of your hearing. Remember that hearing all the details and the nuances is not all there is in enjoying music
Wow, that's huge. I only need usb and unbalanced. This can save me alot of cash (for a better amp in the future! ).
 Just the Vali for now, then I'm saving up for something good. Maybe statement Schiit, maybe an EC-amp. Perhaps a crazy new HD800-synergy ss-amp is just around the corner   It feels like the tonality from gungnir is something I would love, but I would also like the "relaxed" and detailed sound of the x-sabre. Right now I am hoping that the V800 (or concero) is somewhere in the middle, especially when Violectric says that they are upgrading their USB input. But right now I...
Please posts impressions if you to, I would love to hear them. I've read John's X-sabre review and he says that they compare, but the V800 have better imaging and goes a bit further with quality recordings. However not all my music listening is top quality. I listen mostly to FLAC, but use spotify (ogg vorbis 320) to find new music and listen when I relax. Also there are alot of proggresive rock and metal in my list, and not all of them are quality material (however Ayreon...
I think I understood that! Thanks!   Also, I hope someone send you guys a violectric dac someday, VERY interested how it would match up in your testing and ranking.
 DAC1:-Bass is a bit anemic, and a bit one noted, feel rolled off-Mids are detailed, with pretty decent imaging-Lower treble are a bit harsh, thin and a bit too "splashy"-Soundstage have great width, but close to zero depth (things sound like they come from wither either left or right)-The Audio gd interface (usb->spdif) made the DAC1 so much better than the SPDIF out from the PC, makes the HD800 listenable on it. So I would like a stronger bass without one-note, maybe a...
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