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I don't think anyone have tried that yet. Send an e-mail to leckerton audio and Nick can probably help you, he is really nice to deal with.
 Might want to check out this review too:
 I think purrin did try it. You can ask him. Seems like a nice match.
Hehe, I am thinking that it will be on the top of this list in a couple of months
Yeah was reading some impressions from purrin that the Wyrd cleared up alot for usb-dac. The x-sabre don't use the power from the usb, but I fixed alot of problems just going to a usb hub with powersupply than directly from  my laptop, so I'll try the wyrd and see if it clears up some more.
How does it sound with your GS-X2? Still happy or thinking of a upgrade? Btw, I have the wyrd on it's way. Can report if I gain anything from adding it in front of the x-sabre.
If you can, consider the X-sabre. It has a more "softer" sound, yet still neutral, detailed and musical. Love mine :)
The Vali is fun and has great tonality, but it lacks somewhat in resolution, soundstage og layering (look mah, I'm using audiophile buzzwords!). The CMA800R fills in all that with a smooth top end while still being fun in the low registry. If I were to use an analogy it would be a photo. An instragram filtering looks great, are fun and covers bad spots, but if you want the whole picture with all the details, colors like it is (and flaws), you get the point...   
Stock here! I suck at DIY so I'll have to wait until someone releases a commercial version. Only a couple more years now cough cough
 Didn't you have the ODAC/O2 combo? Why are you then using the DAC1 when they measure the same?    ...  Nah I'm just kidding with you!  I went from the O2 combo to DAC1 myself! Then I got a HD800. I thought like you that I was done for good (like the good and scientific objectivist that I was!) Then I LOL'd at the Vali hype that was going on. "They are so st000pid, omg tubes measure badder then my equipment." Well then I was gonna prove them wrong, so I ordered the Vali...
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