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Got the Wyrd in today and set it up to try it with my Matrix x-sabre. And it won't connect with the x-sabre while I use a usb cable without ground/power lines. The X-sabre works directly in the PC with only signal USB cable, any idea why it won't work with the wyrd? Just tested it with my 5m printer cable, now it works. Still no idea why it won't work with the 5V cut. Others have been using the 5V cut usb cable from Wyrd to DAC. And the X-sabre clearly works with signal...
Btw, just saying that you can cut the 5v from the cable using the x-sabre. It doesn't use power from the USB.
That is worrying indeed. Please report if something else happens. Nothing failing here so far 4 month in, and love the soundquality. So I hope I can keep this amp for much longer :)     One more thing, any soundstage junkies like me here? I have found my "Soundstage-nirvana" with the x-sabre -> CMA800R -> HD800. It's so wide/deep/high! I can hear sounds coming from all over the place! Some may not like this effect, but I love it
Very cool! How is the sound against a PC out? Any differences?
I am very happy with mine. I don't know how, but it seemed like the cable tamed the high and brought some more "omph" to the bass without sacrificing soundstage. It might all be placebo of course, I just wanted a nice and shorter cable than stock  Happy with the effect nonetheless!
 Check out the Matrix X-sabre. There's a lot of favorable reviews out there, and I personally love the pairing with HD800.
 I love my X-Sabre dac with HD800. It's going for around 1k. Sometimes less for a used. I liked the Vali with this combo, but you might get better value with the Valhalla 2. If you want solid state V200 should also be really good as a under 1k option amp (used).
 Aw man! I'm still convinced that you haven't heard the best of the Questyle. I love this amp and it makes me drawn into the music, it stage like no other amp I've heard! I'm sad that you use such harsh words for it since I know many will listen to you and never try this amp which I think is splendid for the HD800.
Agree. It suits the music I play so very well. Not all are high rez super mastered. I actually like how it sounds with modern recordings.
 That's what most of us in this hobby has come to realize. There are some thing in audio which we cannot measure yet. Take the Violectric amps for example. They are built out of measurements as well like the Objective2. They measure both "beyond what our ear can hear". So in theory they should sound alike. But those who have heard them both side by side can say that this is not the case. This is were the hardcore objectionist have a problem to explain where the differences...
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