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Think about it, you can get the Mad Dogs AND HE500 for the price of LCD-2  
After looking at the graphs it looks like I would keep the 3.0, I like the mid-sentric sound of the MD.  
beyer velours are the best stock I've tried yet. The mad dog alpha pads are more comfortable, but brings the treble and airiness down too much for me. Haven't tried the jergmod, but I am very happy with the beyer pads (even though they are hard to get on the hifiman rings )
I use the pads you can buy at amazon. With the Beyer velour pads it increases the comfort immensely. Also the synergy with DAC1 is just fantastic. (sorry for the crappy picture)
Ok, that's fine :)  
I tried to contact him on his website a week ago, tried again yesterday, no answer. Checked spamfolder and everything, is he on a vacation or something?  
Just joined the HD25 club, really loving these as a easy to grab portable!  
  Yeah, I've been using it forever too. Tried foobar, but found this unknown and GREAT output! So I decided to make a guide :) Enjoy!   Cheers!
I did the same and was pleasantly surprised. Also I use the Leckerton in the office with the MDs, and it drives them really well for a portable!
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