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Sounds great! Looking forward to the upgrade program as well :)
Cool, me too! Using it as we speak, have a nice weekend!
I am sorry, but I haven't tried it on windows 8 yet. I can probably get to it this weekend and test if it works!
 If you want sound in other programs you must first turn of exclusive mode, then restart the programs (games, web browsers, apps, etc.)I can't help you with the EQ, I like my HE500 unEQ'd. Try the HE500 thread:
You're welcome! Leave a reply in the thread if you run into any problems! Or if you just like the guide :)
 For winamp check my sig.
Hey Dan! Welcome back! One small question: Will there be a possibility in the future to order a cable with 1/8" connector instead of 1/4"?
I am looking forward to upgrading my MDs to the Alphas. Looks like the perfect combination for me right now, I might even sell my HE500 based on how good it sounds. Hmmm...  
The O2 drives the MadDogs without any problem, so I would gues they can drive AD as well.  
I think the thread got closed.   Edit: Sorry it was the review thread.
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