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One of the most well regarded amps for HD800. This one is six months old in great condition. I have original packaging, measurements graph etc.   I am moving and I need to downgrade my rig for a bit. It is with a heavy heart that I sell my Questyle amp. I think it's the perfect amp for HD800, but plays really great with other cans as well (HD650 and LCD-2/X comes to mind). I also used it with my monitors (a5+) and it brought them to new heights, one of the best all in...
Do you use the coax or AES into the x-sabre?
 Have you tried from RCA in to the Rag and then balanced HP out? Or would that decrease the quality too much?
Any chance you are going to listen to the schiit ragnarok John? Early reports says it bests all the SS amp for the HD800. I'll wait for the hype to die down, but would be fun if you had a look at it and compared it to questyle, auralic and violectric 282.
I wrote some impressions over at the x-sabre thread, cross posting it here. 
Hehe I know that feeling! It might be the new toy effect or some sorts of bias (or my USB ports being horrible bad), but after some hours on this thing these is the small changes I hear: Bass: I always felt that the x-sabre had great impact and good timbre, but a sort of "blurpy" bass. Wyrd fixes some of that, leaving the good impact, but now with a bit more tone (e.x. you can hear better what a bass player plays).Treble: I can understand why someone said that the x-sabre...
 Was just testing it and my first impression is that it seems like a nice upgrade, at least for me and my faulty laptop. May be bias, but I'm keeping it. YMMV.
Alright I see what I can do, thanks for the help guys!
I see, any ideas how I can easy accomplish this? A friend made the cable for me and I don't have any particular skills in electronics
Got the Schiit Wyrd in today and set it up to try it with my Matrix x-sabre. And it won't connect with the x-sabre while I use a usb cable without ground/power lines. The X-sabre works directly in the PC with only signal USB cable, any idea why it won't work with the wyrd? Just tested it with my 5m printer cable, now it works. Still no idea why it won't work with the 5V cut. Others have been using the 5V cut usb cable from Wyrd to DAC. And the X-sabre clearly works with...
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