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Thanks, will do :)
Got one coming for me and my HD800. Looking forward to hearing it.
My guess is that this will be a great budget set up, many use their GO as dac to portable amp. I think it will sound awsome with the Vali.
 Possible one of the best budget system for HD800. Was using it myself for a longer period when I was waiting for gear. I actually enjoy this combo more than other more expensive ones.
Price dropped to 950EUR.
One of the most well regarded amps for HD800. This one is six months old in great condition. I have original packaging, measurements graph etc.   I am moving and I need to downgrade my rig for a bit. It is with a heavy heart that I sell my Questyle amp. I think it's the perfect amp for HD800, but plays really great with other cans as well (HD650 and LCD-2/X comes to mind). I also used it with my monitors (a5+) and it brought them to new heights, one of the best all in...
Do you use the coax or AES into the x-sabre?
 Have you tried from RCA in to the Rag and then balanced HP out? Or would that decrease the quality too much?
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