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Have a pair of 60's Foton 6N6P and some 70's Reflector (I think) 6N23P-EV on the way, looking forward to testing and hearing some new tubes :) 
Cheers!   I tried JRiver for a while, but for some reason I always come back to play some tunes in winamp with the Maiko Wasapi.   Disclaimer: Maiko/kitchen-fu has stopped development for this plugin (happened a couple years ago really). The latest version is: 0.53.test.04, and are known working with Windows vista, 7 and 8.1. While the development has been suspended, the plugin still works, and sounds great! Enjoy! 
+1 Vali is exeptional value with the HD800. However the Valhalla 2 takes everything the Vali does up two notches, especially soundstage. I have around 50 hours on my V2 and it keeps getting better.Both amps punch way above their weightclass costwise in my opinion. I am actually wondering why Valhalla 2 isn't talked about more in this thread, it is a killer combo with HD800 and should be in pricerange for most who are looking for a great sounding tube amp for HD800. 
Thanks, will do :)
Got one coming for me and my HD800. Looking forward to hearing it.
My guess is that this will be a great budget set up, many use their GO as dac to portable amp. I think it will sound awsome with the Vali.
 Possible one of the best budget system for HD800. Was using it myself for a longer period when I was waiting for gear. I actually enjoy this combo more than other more expensive ones.
Price dropped to 950EUR.
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