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Yeah he seem like he is a bit of tube noob himself, I just want some good amperex tubes lol
He is saying that on one tube it says 6f3, and on the other 40b. I have no idea what that means... 
Nope, only this picture. I'll send some questions his way and see if he can answer.
Saw these for sale. Seller is saying Amperex ECC88, but do they look abit funky?  
Never had this problem, what are you doing with your headphone?
 Cheers! Just spreading the good word! 
60's Fotons 6N6P in and have 10 hours of them. Some subtle improvements for sure, but standing out is a slight fuller lower midrange/upper bass. Really worthwhile upgrade for some cheap tubes.
 I seriously think that with Uberfrost/Valhalla 2 combo many can just call it quits and be extremely happy with the HD800.
 This statement is simply not true. You can get great sound with HD800 from some low to mid-fi rigs, the key is synergy. A cheap DAC like a used dacmagic, or a modi2/wyrd, with a Vali or Matrix m-stage sounds terrific for a budget rig that just north of 300$. Heck, even the Valhalla 2 goes for 350$ and has the best synergy with HD800 out of any amps I've tried. Now I just can't see an amp upgrade untill I'm willing to go over 2000$ (exluding tubes). It's not always about...
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