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Just tried this, fun setting for soundstage lovers like myself  
Got the email about the pads, I am so sad right now. Shipping cost in Norway makes it not worth it to send them... Oh well, maybe one day...  
Pictures please!
Steve is great to deal with, can't recommend q audio enough!  
I just have to say that Dan gives the best customer service I have experienced since I started this headphone journey.  
Most likely, he did cause quite a stir with his blog.
It's good that we all have different ears then
Looking forward to hearing the ODAC+O2 combo!  
I have had the NFB-10SE for 6month now, and I still like very much. No argue that there's better equipment out there, but for the price I think the NFB-10 is a steal!  
I am really interested in this! I read about how great the amp is, but how does the DAC fare? Any comparison? Any difference in USB or TOSLINK?  
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