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I too feel like the HE500 bass is very good. It has a great slam and really good quality, doesn't sound "one-noted" and doesn't bleed into the midrange.
I have now had the He500 for about a week, and I must say I have never enjoyed music this much. I must admit they didn't wow me at the start, but now they just sound so right.   I am very impressed and very happy with this headphone! :)
I found also if you amp them properly (even though they're pretty easy to drive) the bass will tighten up.
I found that the 5,6,8 and 9 filter settings gives the best clarity. I feel like it variates on genres what filter brings out most detail/clarity.
+1   MalVeauX, was the first one who suggested me to go HE500 after Denon, and I went for it. I have no regrets, none at all. These just sounds so right!  
You can maybe try the HE500, great for your genres and also quite neutral (with a bit of sparkle in the treble).   Tyll from Innerfidelity wrote this about them:   "The surprisingly good headphone of the bunch was the HE-500. They held their own surprisingly well in world-class company. No,they didn't have the liquid juicy goodness of the LCD-2, but they did sound somewhat more "right down the middle." I'd say these had the best price performance ratio on the...
  This is certainly not true, unless your receiver/amp have a dedicated headphone output (ex. with impedance lower than 2ohm), which most receivers don't have. One of the things that an amp most often screw up is the bass. In most cases even the fiio e11 would be better than most speaker amps driving lower impedance headphones.    
Of course not! It will be a Game of Thrones version, called the G-100 
Hehe, I experienced the same, it is indeed a feature :)
Did the same, increased comfort and made the he500 fit better my head to!
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