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Nice review! Good job :)  
I am monitoring this thread, subscribed More impressions please!
  Try to only listen to the HE500 for a week straight, then go back to the Shure 840, then you will hear the difference.   Also, audio can't be measured exactly by cost, the diminishing return hits really hard after you go over the 200-300usd range. You are not paying for a headphone 5x time better, you are paying for a extra 10-20% (or so) better music quality and enjoyment.   My HE500 did not blew my mind when I first got them, actually I was a little disappointed in...
Hey! I have the HE500 and running it balanced from NFB-10SE. I listen to alot of your genres (Tool, 70-prog and other prog/rock/metal as well) and I must say every genre, song and album I throw at the HE500 it just makes it sound marvelous! Coming from the K701 I think you will miss some soundstage width, but in 3D presentation I have never heard a can than best the HE500. I also think you will enjoy electronica better with the HE500, the sub-bass is just very good...
Try only using the HE500 for a week, then switch back :)  
You're in for a treat! Just remember that these will not blow you out of the water when you listen to them the first time. It took time, at least for me, to fully comprehend the HE500 signature and to truly love it.
Glad to see that the HP700 is getting some love at head-fi. They have the best sound to cost ratio in any circumaural headphone I have tried (ath-m50, beyer 770pro ++), and I even own the HE500.   They are a bit bassy though, so you neutral lovers should beware, but they are exelent for commuting, going around town, studying etc.   I recommend whole heartily to add a fiio e11 if you are gonna use it as portable. Brings the HP700 to 98% of its full...
  yup, I haven't had time to try it yet, but I will perhaps tomorrow. This is applied the same way as the ouput file. When I have the time (maybe this weekend) I will write how to use the exclusive mode and get perfect bit to bit.
  You got to follow this:   Download the plugin, cut and paste it in the winamp folder named "plugins"   Then you will have the output in your winamp folder.         I will come back and write how to use the exclusive mode so that people will have control over a "bit-perfect" output!
You can use the digital out from your soundcard to connect the NFB-10SE to your computer, but by doing that your are using your soundcard as a transport between your PC and the DAC in the NFB. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not, you have to check for yourself.   Also, if you want to use the surround (5.1 or 7.1) from your soundcard, I think that's not supported by the NFB.  
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