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Looking forward to more impressions!  
I think this was the review I needed to take the plunge into customs, thank you very much for such a nice a throughout review project86!  
I'll second that.
Yeah, I might sell it and get someting else, the only problem is that I'm a solid state guy. And I think the options aren't that many.   Anyone else want to chime in on the differences between the HE500 and HD800?  
Thank you for the info! Now I even more want the HD800!  
I've heard that you need a system built around the HD800 because of the harsh treble, but how about the anax mod? Do you still need a tube amp to reduce the treble? Also I am not sensitive to treble, I have never thought that a headphone was to bright even though others said so. I am also a "quiet" listener, so that may also be a factor. Thank you for responding!
Hello good folks!   I was wondering about the main differences in these two cans. I own the HE500, but I am looking for something with better imaging and soundstage. I listened to mainly well produced Progrock (Ayreon, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Opeth etc.), but also others genres like rock, jazz, classical and sometimes electronic.   Which is the best phone?
Just got the O2/ODAC, it sound really transparent and powerfull for such a small box!  
Just tried this, fun setting for soundstage lovers like myself  
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