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When you install winamp, try not to remove "the useless things" from it. I don't know but there might be something that let's the plugin play. Also make sure you have not ticked of the plugins that lets you play the audio codecs (like mp3, flac etc.).   Also, what is your OS? This plugin only works (as far as I know) only on Vista, Windows 7 & 8.
As far I know, there is no audible benefit other then control of your bits and bytes. Maybe a very high end DAC would have a benefit from this, but I doubt it. I have no expertise in this field (upsampling etc.), but try to go back and forth and see if you hear any difference. I didn't hear any differenece so I'll just stuck it at shared mode
yeah there is, but you have to use the exlusive mode.
Thanks! VLC is good, but I think this sound a bit better
I have something inbound, will post when I get it
Alot of nice portable rigs in here!  
Was this the dog pads?
Haha! Very nice! Bet your friend was like: "Bboy500! Why is my music sounding better?! Screw you, I want my itunes with 128kbps songs back RIGHT NOW!"
After read alot of your impressions (thank you all!) I've come to think that they will complement eachother very nicely.   The HD800 for the more analytical listening sessions with HQ tracks and the HE500 for the more fun/relaxed listening sessions with poorly mastered song and such, does this notions seem correct?  
You're welcome! The EQ was implemented after I made this thread. I haven't had time to tinker with it yet, but it one of a very few plugins (and music-softwares for that matter) that have both wasapi and an EQ setting.   Cheers! That's why we do all of this stuff in the end, it's all for the music Implementing and using maiko wasapi was also one of the first audiorelated upgrade I did. After that I started re-ripping my CDs to FLAC, the differences were huge! From there...
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