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I have lived with the HE500 for a 6 month now, and I guess the honeymoon is over. But still, when I sit back and look at her, I realize that I have made the right choice.   Her bottom end is fantastic, detailed and tight. Her upper body is balanced, natural and seductive. And last is the top, which is beautiful, glowing and always makes me smile.               Not to mention the sound is pretty decent too.             (I recommend  to...
Very nice!  
Yeah, avg is usually oversensitive x)   I am currently working on my master thesis, but if I get the time I will go in details on how to get bit-to-bit-perfect in exlusive mode  
Great impression!  
Ok, thank you!
How do you think these compare to Shure 840? Also, are they portable?
You can also consider AKG 550, they are supposed to be pretty neutral, circumaural and cost around 300usd.
Nice review! Good job :)  
I am monitoring this thread, subscribed More impressions please!
  Try to only listen to the HE500 for a week straight, then go back to the Shure 840, then you will hear the difference.   Also, audio can't be measured exactly by cost, the diminishing return hits really hard after you go over the 200-300usd range. You are not paying for a headphone 5x time better, you are paying for a extra 10-20% (or so) better music quality and enjoyment.   My HE500 did not blew my mind when I first got them, actually I was a little disappointed in...
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