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Sorry I haven't heard the zo2.
  I find that it might be worth it to insvest in something good which don't hiss. My V3 makes noise with everything I have (even my ipod) excluding the O2. I am on my way for saving up for a leckerton mkii 6, since I have been told that it has no hiss and are a really good portable amp with a decent dac.
I have the MD with the Shure pads, but I feel they are abit too close to my ears (tip of ear is touching the pads). Is the Dog Padz any deeper, and if they are, how much?  
Yeah, I think they would work for that kind of purpose as well. They are quite balanced although they have some color to them.
Very nice picture and V3 Mongo!  
Yeah I love my 1964 V3 :)  
Yeah I know, sorry about that mate :/     A great tip right here!     Cheers!
Aha, see this:         Your problem is that X-FI soundcard doesn't support wasapi. I think this is a rare occurence in soundcards, none the less unfortunate.
That's unfortunate, what kind of dac are you using? What kind of audio codecs are you playing?
When you install winamp, try not to remove "the useless things" from it. I don't know but there might be something that let's the plugin play. Also make sure you have not ticked of the plugins that lets you play the audio codecs (like mp3, flac etc.).   Also, what is your OS? This plugin only works (as far as I know) only on Vista, Windows 7 & 8.
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