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I use them out of a smartphone. Not the loudest, but it is possible.
You're very welcome!     I have now updated the guide and added a (short) paragraph on exclusive mode! Have fun and enjoy!
Made me chuckle
The mad Dog and ODAC / O2 combo is the best bang for buck setup I have heard. The combo just sounds really amazing.
Sounds good
Just want to chime in and say that I drive my HE-500 with the ODAC/O2 combo, and it's sounds really great. I had an Audio gd amp/dac (NFB-10SE) which put out 3W per channel, but I sold it after a few days with AB'ing the two. The O2 was better in every way possible.   I won't say that power don't matter, but I will say that how that power is used matters more. Quality > quantity.  
Thank you for your kind words. Also thank you for the detailed explanation of your problem and how you fixed it. I am sure that will help others with the same problem!
Looking forward to when I can order this :)
Thank you for your kind words!
The dac is using the flagship chip of cirrus logic and nick is working with on the implementation of the chip as his day job. I think how "bad" the dac is, is somewhat overblown. It is going to be better than the dac in most ipods, better then any on board laptop dac and certainly better then the dac in galaxy s3.I know what you are trying to say though, and might agree that the dac is under performing in comparison with the amp. We'll see
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