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^a very nice post!
Try only using the HE500 for a week or two, THEN go back to the DT880. Then I think you will hear more of a difference, I certainly did (with the Denon D2000, D1100 and HP700).
I would also recomend the black dragon from moon audio, really sturdy and well made cable.
I feel just the same! The HE500 did not wow me right at the start (maybe I expected too much?) but after a week or so I just grew to love the signature and how it represent music. Everything in the music just feels so right with these. A little sparkle in the treble (which I like, Cymbals = mmmmm), but otherwise just perfect reproduction IMO.
I just had the denon d1100, and they are really bassheavy. They have a great soundstage and imaging, isolate really well, easy to drive and are comfortable.   My gripe with them was that they had too much bass so I traded them in for Denon HP700, but if you like really like bass these are really great cans.
Tried to lay some ekstra foam in between the earpads and driver, that helped!
I have no clue, I just read that it's dac is good but the HP-out not so much.
This thread helped me so much, got a pair of Denon Hp700 for portable use and they do sound really good!
Bumping this thread! Just got a pair of Denon HP700 and they sound really goood, and I am gonna use them as portabel cans. BUT, these aren't the most comfortable,and I would really like to switch the pads.   Do you know a place that sell some pads that can fit these?
Maybe he means the dacmagic plus?
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