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I never said it was a bad thing, if you read the other parts you would have seen that :)
Last update on my issues with the Questyle:   I've narrowed the problem it down through testing and pure stubbornness. One side of my apartment does have some sorts of power problem that affects the laptop and it in turn affects the USB out.   After I tried another room and loaned a external USB with dedicated power from a friend I suddenly have no issues at all. In fact now the amp sounds better then it ever did and I am enjoying the sound immensely. This is the best...
Btw, I appreciate you guys trying to help me! Thank you!  
It is an older model, but some pirates debunked the myth that some older are brighter, also this is the first time with HD800 that I feel it is too bright. I'll keep it one more week to see if it's only mental burn in needed or something.
Update: I have tested with every equipment I own, and sometimes the Questyle sounds good again (like the first day).   What I did:   -Switched to different USB outputs -Tested two DAC -Swapped out some cables (I am a non believer, but I have gotten som nice in trades etc.) -Switch power outakes   What had most effect: -Power outtake. Where I live there is a 220v while the questyle is 230v, I don't think this should matter, but perhaps is does. -Switched USB...
Hehe yeah I do it regulary :) I wonder if it can be something to do with me being in europe, regarding power issues. I really don't know, I guess I am grasping for straws here. I hope it will work out somehow, because I really wanted this amp to be good and would be the last purchase in a while.. Edit: I'll try to burn it in some more. I don't think that should have any impact on the sound, but it doesn't hurt to try some more hours on it.
I use RCA connections. For the "getting a new DAC", John did test it with the X-sabre and said is was a great combo with no harshness, not what I am experiencing right now.   It also feels like it's getting worse, like the treble getting louder and bass disappearing for each day. It makes the HD800 very harsh to listen to. I have contacted my seller about this, is it possible that I have a faulty unit?   I will try switch some gear around for more testing.
Hmm. After listening in a longer period and testing some more tracks I hear something graininess-ish things in the treble region. It sounds harsh and not real life like. Also I switched back just to test the Vali and it didn't have the digitus-like sound. It also seemed that the Vali had more bass slam, and from what I've read here that should not be the case with the CMA800R.   Is it that my gear (the x-sabre with laptop) are the problem? Has anyone else experienced this?
Yup. It was ok as a DAC/amp, but nothing special. A tad too bright, but still decent sound.
Got it in today! First impressions so far is that is a very very nice amp and a great match for HD800, no harhsness whatsoever. Got to spend more time with it before I say anything more, but I really like it so far!
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