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I also ordered the - db version, and it just sounds great. it gives my V3's so much more headroom to play with the volume. This is the best portable amp I have heard. it sounds so clean and balanced with a very black background.
  That is awsome! Is that DIY or special order from JDS?
Anyone tried the alphapads on HE-400/500, maybe I will order an extra pair  
That's great to hear! (no pun intended)
That looks awsome!  
I use them out of a smartphone. Not the loudest, but it is possible.
You're very welcome!     I have now updated the guide and added a (short) paragraph on exclusive mode! Have fun and enjoy!
Made me chuckle
The mad Dog and ODAC / O2 combo is the best bang for buck setup I have heard. The combo just sounds really amazing.
Sounds good
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