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Guess I'm joining you guys in a few days! Serial number is 049**, so I guess they are pretty old. They still look really good though:     (Why is the picture turned, how do I edit this? )
I am really curious about how the K812 will compare to the HD800 and T1. I'm guessing maybe somewhere in between.
Thanks guys! I haven't been able to test it for myself yet, so I'm glad it works
I don't have W8 myself, but those who have it might have to look somewhere else. I haven't had time to figure out how W8 and WASAPI drivers interact yet, but it looks like that W8 don't need WASAPI :)
I am sorry, but it seems like it won't work with W8 yet. I tested with my buddy's PC and it didn't work yet.
It will be very interesting to to see how reviews will be and how they will measure. Looking forward to Tyll getting them (as I'm sure he will).
Trains is such a good song, always been one of my reference tracks!
Sounds great! Looking forward to the upgrade program as well :)
Cool, me too! Using it as we speak, have a nice weekend!
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