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This is my impression as well. Loving the soundstage with x-sabre and HD800 so far!
Thank you!
X-sabre in the house and burning in! This thing is heavy! I went with the silver one and it is so far the best looking equipment (beside the hd800) I have owned, looks really nice. I am enjoying the sound right out of the box, so far so good!
 Thank you for the tip, I'll check it out!
Well I sold my DAC1 and went for the X-sabre. Thank you Purrin for answering and helping me, I feel that the Matrix will suit my tastes better then the Gungnir :)   Speaking about that, it seems like the Matrix X-sabre got a lot of high grades in another place, but in this thread it got a pretty low ranking. Is that a preference thing? Or is it that you guys weight some attributes more? Like continousness of sound and micro dynamics over blackness or Plankton. Thinking...
Thank you! I am astounded by how well the Vali plays with HD800, however I think I might prefer a SS amp going upwards. I think a GS-X is a bit out my pricerange atm. It would be nice if matrix made a high end amp for HD800 that stacks with the X-sabre
Thank you for a great read on the x-sabre, looks like I made the right choice. Now I am in the same boat as you, looking for the perfect amp ;)
That's a really nice stack you have there! I also use the BDv2. Impression with the Yulong amp would be most welcome!
 I think 2 was answered in this thread already. It was tested with a usb cable without power supply and the dac still worked, so it has internal power supply with usb.
It's also why I found my HE500 to sound good with lesser recordings. The dynamic flaws and compression in the masters weren't as exposed.
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