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Got it in today! First impressions so far is that is a very very nice amp and a great match for HD800, no harhsness whatsoever. Got to spend more time with it before I say anything more, but I really like it so far!
Today I made the purchase, finally!  Now it's just the waiting part....
Don't forget to post impressions! :)
 Thank you! Hope you don't mind if I ask you some more questions? How is the treble sounding in this setup? I would hate for the HD800 to sound too harsh on top. The Vali is pretty bright, but it works in a weird way really nice with HD800. However, I want something a bit more controlled and relaxing in the top.
Are there any here who has heard the Questyle in the chain with Matrix X-Sabre DAC and HD800? I am pretty close to order the questyle, but would like some confirmation that this IS a good pairing before I make the plunge.
    Cue epic movie music   Narrator: In this town, Headfi... Where the pricier headphones gets pricier, and were artist endorsed headphones rule the streets. There is one headphone who is destined to bring back the balance between cost and sound quality...   SR-009: "I don't know who this hifiman is, but I want him and his frequency graph, DEAD!"   Narrator: Every flagship wants a bite of him...   TH-900: "How can such a lowlife touch us, the...
Congratz! Get ready for a great and spacious sound!
Great impressions, thanks
Great impressions so far, thank you! Sorry for stalking you in this and the Questyle thread :)
Please, more impressions! I only have the Vali for now, but this might be the next amp for me! Are you saying it is smoother (more relaxed?) than the Vali?
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