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Glad you liked it! Cheers!
Remember to always have your software at max volume. With the bifrost incoming and volumed maxed on you pc/tablet/etc. you won't have this problem 
Got the NAD M51 yesterday. Just usb (without power line) out of a PC it sounds really great. Some thoughts:   Bass: Strong and goes deep, yet not overwhelming the overall sound.   Mids: Detailed and lifelike. Slight "soft" sound, not any harshness.   Treble: Continuing the non-harness. Extended and present, yet not fatiguing.    Imaging and soundstage: The strongest point of this dac I feel. Details pops out on black background and the it throws a very nice,...
 Not to be rude or anything, but everything I said is in the guide. Don't worry too much about sampling, unless your dac is a NOS-dac it will upsample everything anyway.
No you change it from 0 to 44100 or other, down the page you see "24+padded", change that to 16. May I ask why you are doing this?
It's all in the first post. :) Preferences -> output -> Maiko Wasapi -> configure. Then in the top you choose exclusive:  Then you tick all the boxes like the picture, and if you want to have 16-bit and 44,1kHz you must put "slave to input sample rate": 44100 , and "slave to input encoding when enabled" to 16.
 Nice, thank you! I already own a Schiit Wyrd so that would perhaps improve it a little.
So the digital out from PC was also pretty good? The Puc 2 lite looks abit out of my pricerange atm.
Hey guys! Is a transport needed for the m51 to sound best from a PC, or is the usb good enough?   I have heard good things about the Gustard U12, anyone heard these two together?
X-sabre here too, no problem whatsoever.
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