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You're gonna love it! As for the tubes, I've tried to roll both 6922 and 6N6P. The stock are really really good. But if you venture into tube rolling on the pre-tubes, I would recommend to try to find some Russian 6H23p(-EB) from pre 80's (around 50$ for matched pair). Excellent tube for the price. 
Glad you liked it! Cheers!
Remember to always have your software at max volume. With the bifrost incoming and volumed maxed on you pc/tablet/etc. you won't have this problem 
Got the NAD M51 yesterday. Just usb (without power line) out of a PC it sounds really great. Some thoughts:   Bass: Strong and goes deep, yet not overwhelming the overall sound.   Mids: Detailed and lifelike. Slight "soft" sound, not any harshness.   Treble: Continuing the non-harness. Extended and present, yet not fatiguing.    Imaging and soundstage: The strongest point of this dac I feel. Details pops out on black background and the it throws a very nice,...
 Not to be rude or anything, but everything I said is in the guide. Don't worry too much about sampling, unless your dac is a NOS-dac it will upsample everything anyway.
No you change it from 0 to 44100 or other, down the page you see "24+padded", change that to 16. May I ask why you are doing this?
It's all in the first post. :) Preferences -> output -> Maiko Wasapi -> configure. Then in the top you choose exclusive:  Then you tick all the boxes like the picture, and if you want to have 16-bit and 44,1kHz you must put "slave to input sample rate": 44100 , and "slave to input encoding when enabled" to 16.
 Nice, thank you! I already own a Schiit Wyrd so that would perhaps improve it a little.
So the digital out from PC was also pretty good? The Puc 2 lite looks abit out of my pricerange atm.
Hey guys! Is a transport needed for the m51 to sound best from a PC, or is the usb good enough?   I have heard good things about the Gustard U12, anyone heard these two together?
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