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For those who have heard the v2, how huge are the differences between v1 and v2 in soundstage? Does the v2 trade soundstage for imaging?
The Elear def looks my kind of headphone. Looking forward to hear it.
Still waiting to hear something about my order from january.
After trying some different tubes in both the output (the long in back) and input (short in front) tubes in the Valhalla 2 this is some points I came up with to those who just purchased the Val2 and/or are looking for trying new tubes:   - Don't bother try rolling output tubes( long tall ones in the back). I've tried 4 different, and while they aren't expensive they all sound the same, stick with stock.   -Around 50usd is the sweetspot for good new input tubes. It...
Already owned the HD800, but hopefully I still will be
 Bought the HD650 yesterday, this will be my exact setup. Glad you're liking it!
I am the first owner of this great sounding dac. It is silver, in great condition and with the original box.   Here is a nice in depth review på Project86:   It's being sold because I am moving and need the money over a dac right now. It's therefore already packed and can be shipped fast.   Paypal preferred, buyer pays paypal fee.   If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Nvm, found it!
You're gonna love it! As for the tubes, I've tried to roll both 6922 and 6N6P. The stock are really really good. But if you venture into tube rolling on the pre-tubes, I would recommend to try to find some Russian 6H23p(-EB) from pre 80's (around 50$ for matched pair). Excellent tube for the price. 
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