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I havent been here for a long time and here it goes...   I recently started listening to headphones again after 2 years (which I spent lots of money on and neglected), my impressions of the AHA-120 is very good.   Using my LCD2v2 and HE-400, CLAS, ipod touch and various amps (rx mk3, continental v2, national, triad L3 and the AHA-120), I found that the AHA-120 gives the fullest sound, the L3 is very close and using two 9.6v batteries gives good sound but just a bit...
Have missed this thread. As in 'I miss you' sort of miss. :P I haven't listened to any of my stuff at all for about a year now, but getting interested again. Will use my stepdance compared to my other top tiered portable amps.
I guess that is so, I thought about getting the CLAS-db from them, a bit too dear...
Assume you're getting it from A2A? They're very good with returns.
Using Clementine and Songbird, am I missing out? :P
Just chiming in to say this is a great portable amp, and I have nearly all of the great portable amps. :)
Does anybody know if the Nexus4 work?
I want to buy some more cables from Trevor because of my lust for the SOLO -db...
Not that expensive, just slow delivery.
No problem, but it will have to wait until Thursday. ;)   Even though I have literally not touched ANY of my headphone gear for 5 months, I can still dig them out and try them, I have a feeling that the Hifiman HE400 is going to sound great with them.
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