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Beats are actually good now!  Seriously, I'm not trolling here.  I used to hate them myself, but even Tyll Hertsens of Innerfidelity has lauded the new Beats Solo 2.0 as one of the best on-ears on the market today.  I hate to admit it, but it seems that was Dre's plan all along, and it was a damned good one.  First, build the marketing base and popularity to get people to be willing to see headphones as something worth spending money on...then sell the company to someone...
Up for sale are my Denon AH-D7000 headphones.  I almost hate to part with these, as they are currently my favorite headphones of the ones I own, but we had a good run, and I am in need of a fully sealed set of headphones (while these headphones are sealed, they do allow a bit of ambient noise in).  The headphones are in good condition and are in perfect working order, although price is reduced due to a couple of minor scuffs and scrapes I have done my best to show in the...
Curious about this as well.  I am strongly considering buying myself a pair of MadDog headphones with the Alpha pads, since from what I could tell from demoing them at a head-fi meet-up, they do seem to isolate significantly better than the Denon D-X000 series, and seemed every bit as comfortable.  I own a pair of Denon D7000s, so if I do go ahead and buy the Mad Dog headphones, I will try to post a quick comparison if no one else has done so by then.
Sadly, I won't be able to make it after all.  I gotta take care of my most important listening tools (my ears), one of which has unfortunately become infected .  I hope everyone has a great time and is able to check out some cool gear, but most importantly, connect with one another.  Cheers, and I hope to make it next year.
Last year's meet was great, and I hope this meet will be even better.  Assuming I can make it, I will bring my:   -Burson HA-160D  Amp,DAC,Preamp -Denon Ah-D7000 -Shure SRH840   I would be interested in listening to:   -Ultrasone Edition 8 -Beyerdynamic T5p (I'm in luck with this one, seeing as Beyerdynamic will be there, so this headphone most certainly will too) -JVC Victor HP-DX1000 Stereo Headphones -Fostex TH900 -Sony MDR-R10 (bass-heavy or...
Out of curiosity, at what price are you starting the bidding?
SOLD!  Thanks everyone for your interest.
I am selling my AKG K550 headphones (about 150hrs of use on them) with a free carrying pouch (a $20 value, though I mistakenly said $25 in the video).  I love these headphones as just a great all-rounder with excellent build quality, but I no longer use them that often now that I have the Denon Ah-D7000s, and since I'm not really a headphone collector, I have decided to let these go.  The asking price is $200 (with shipping included) to anywhere in the US.  I am willing...
Awesome!  Congratulations!  
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