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Joe, is it possible to get a copy of the schematic for the MG Head OTL (previous version) I bought mine used a while back & I'm thinking of upgrading the Capacitors, resistors & pentiometer by someone & he says he needs the schematics.
Had the privilege to purchase his iMod 5.5G/Vcap. Communication and shipping was fast. Items were just as described. We had a glitch which was resolved through clarification via email. Other than that it was smooth sailing. Steve I like your taste in music, judging by the contents of the iMod!
Bought an ALO Super Cotton Dock from MaMMa. Good communication, accommodating of my needs & kept me updated regularly. Very friendly person. The transaction went smoothly. Highly recommended.
Looks like I'm the first to post some feedback for jmr & it will be my pleasure to do so. Bought his RSA Hornet. The amp was just as described. The packaging was excellent as the original box inside looked like it was brand new! Communication was prompt. The whole transaction was completed well within a week - from the time I PMed him till I received the package today. Two thumbs up recommendation. AAA+++, 5 stars, all that & a bag-o-chips!
Bought his Senn HD25-1 II. The headphones are in near perfect condition. The transaction was smooth & super fast! Within 24hrs I guess from the time I first PMed him till we met to close the deal. It was a pleasure doing business with you dude!
Jim sold me his Meier Corda Move. The transaction was GREAT! The whole thing was completed in just 2 days from the time I initially PMed him till the day I received the amp, hand delivered by himself on a Saturday morning! Even took the time to run through the contents with me. I echo MarineLand's recommendation above & add that it was a pleasure to meet you Jim.
Quote: Originally Posted by xluben Here you go: http://www.radioshack.com/product/in...tId=2102545&cp Cheers!
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