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Have you tried the Paradox, MM?
Guy on the train with Vmoda crossfade lp's (or lp2's), and just saw some akg k518's.
Very nice.   Decent setup too.
What's the black thing to the left of the Macbook?
Freaked out when I thought I saw some Ultrasone Sig Pros today. Turns out they were only Senn MM 550's. :(
Awesome. I'll be paying you a visit soon.
Any demos?
  Really liking this album at the moment.
Any indication of a release period at this stage?
New photos from the Fiio facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=436711369719735&set=a.407021432688729.95967.261372647253609&type=1&theater
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