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Curious how the UHA-6s compares to the Meier Stepdance/quickstep. Anyone have any experience? Also can the UHA-6 drive headphones like the hd600 and he400 with ease? Cheers,
Not sure if it's my imagination or not but I think I'm definitely getting a lot more hiss now that rock box is installed than I used to. Hmm
Just ordered the UD100. Can't wait to hear what all the fuss is about. :)
Stepdance / Quickstep owners,   Are these amps easily capable of driving headphones like the DT880, HD600/650, HE400? I'd like to use it at home for full size HP's as well as IEM's.   Wondering whether the Objective2 would be a better choice for purely home use...   Also is there any channel imbalance or hiss at very low volumes with sensitive IEM's?
Rockboxed 160gb Classic -> Heir Audio 3.Ai    New rule: No posting without pics??
Just installed Rockbox on my Classic for the first time. Seems great so far!  
Yep that's definitely true. If I ever want to buy one I'll just import I suppose.
The Sig DJ is available in Australia now at addictedtoaudio. Price is $1099, Sig Pro is $998.    Was hoping it to be closer to $700. :(
I was hoping it would be a sound sig reminiscent of the JH13 - pretty much neutral across the board with a slight bump in the sub bass.   Sounds like it'll be a bit different.  
Has anyone compared the PCStep with the Quickstep? How does the amp section of the PCStep compare with the Quickstep? Big difference?   Cheers,
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