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Good to know.    Do you use the Objective2 more for home listening? I assume it's better for harder to drive cans. That's another amp I'm considering. 
I've got prominent hiss when using my Heir 3.Ai's that pretty much makes it unusable.
Curious how the UHA-6s compares to the Meier Stepdance/quickstep. Anyone have any experience? Also can the UHA-6 drive headphones like the hd600 and he400 with ease? Cheers,
Not sure if it's my imagination or not but I think I'm definitely getting a lot more hiss now that rock box is installed than I used to. Hmm
Just ordered the UD100. Can't wait to hear what all the fuss is about. :)
Stepdance / Quickstep owners,   Are these amps easily capable of driving headphones like the DT880, HD600/650, HE400? I'd like to use it at home for full size HP's as well as IEM's.   Wondering whether the Objective2 would be a better choice for purely home use...   Also is there any channel imbalance or hiss at very low volumes with sensitive IEM's?
Rockboxed 160gb Classic -> Heir Audio 3.Ai    New rule: No posting without pics??
Just installed Rockbox on my Classic for the first time. Seems great so far!  
Yep that's definitely true. If I ever want to buy one I'll just import I suppose.
The Sig DJ is available in Australia now at addictedtoaudio. Price is $1099, Sig Pro is $998.    Was hoping it to be closer to $700. :(
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