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Sssshhh   It's all in their heads.           jk
I'm looking forward to the X3. Should be a great transport to connect a DAC/AMP to as well as a great little one-box solution for my ultra-portable needs.
My UD100 just arrived, it took 9 days to get here. Not bad!   I'll post my thoughts when I decide on an amp to pair it with.  
So they're sticking with the 1+2 name? Maybe 1+2 rev2. More detail than an HD800? Yes please!
  Thanks, I've never owned an android device but it should be fairly straightforward.   Trying to decide on the Nexus 7 or 10, and whether or not to replace my iPhone with a Nexus 4.  
So does USB audio work with the Nexus 7? I'm thinking about running a transportable setup like this if possible...   Nexus > OTG > USB hub + HDD > USB DAC > AMP > Headphones
Wow, just spent a few hours glued to my computer screen. The most epic review thread yet! (Who's gonna top it? :P) The Head-Fi community will be thanking you for years to come.
How much head-time do your 650's get when you have the 800's around? :D
The 3.Ai's have no audible hiss at normal listening levels with my iPhone 4s.  I havn't tested the iPod with other IEM's yet as I can't seem to find my SHE3590's at the moment but I will in the next day.   Cheers,
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