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My UD100 just arrived, it took 9 days to get here. Not bad!   I'll post my thoughts when I decide on an amp to pair it with.  
So they're sticking with the 1+2 name? Maybe 1+2 rev2. More detail than an HD800? Yes please!
  Thanks, I've never owned an android device but it should be fairly straightforward.   Trying to decide on the Nexus 7 or 10, and whether or not to replace my iPhone with a Nexus 4.  
So does USB audio work with the Nexus 7? I'm thinking about running a transportable setup like this if possible...   Nexus > OTG > USB hub + HDD > USB DAC > AMP > Headphones
Wow, just spent a few hours glued to my computer screen. The most epic review thread yet! (Who's gonna top it? :P) The Head-Fi community will be thanking you for years to come.
How much head-time do your 650's get when you have the 800's around? :D
The 3.Ai's have no audible hiss at normal listening levels with my iPhone 4s.  I havn't tested the iPod with other IEM's yet as I can't seem to find my SHE3590's at the moment but I will in the next day.   Cheers,
Good to know.    Do you use the Objective2 more for home listening? I assume it's better for harder to drive cans. That's another amp I'm considering. 
I've got prominent hiss when using my Heir 3.Ai's that pretty much makes it unusable.
New Posts  All Forums: