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About to buy the TF10's for $164. One question, how is UE's warranty? I'm in Aus and buying from amazon in the US. Is the warranty International?
Just letting everyone know the pro900's are now $287 on amazon.   I'm thoroughly enjoying mine. Really great for most of my music!
I'm looking for a complimentary pair of headphones for my pro900's when i'm not listening to super bassy music. Which would suit the best d'you reckon?   HD600, HD650, DT880/600 or DT990/600   Hopefully that's not to vague of a question.  
A few pictures would be handy. I don't fully understand the concept.
Yeah i don't really listen to much rock, just on occasion.   I heard there was a tf10 successor coming out the tf15. What is the info on that? I guess it would be out of my price range anyway...   So I'm pretty keen on the TF10, I heard it's uncomfortable, should i be worried?   I heard foam tips are recommended with the tf10. Which ones should I be looking at? I've never had tips outside of the stock ones.
I like the amount of bass on the S4 - it's good for EDM, but i'm just looking for a better all around earphone and if that means giving up a little bit of bass (but still OK) then so be it.
Hi there,   I recently got some Ultrasone pro900's and I'm really liking them, now i think it's time to upgrade my portable rig. I do like the s4's straight out of my ipod classic but I'd like to get something a bit better.   I've been looking at a few iem's but can't decide which would be best for me because there is so many options. My budget is strictly $200... i've been looking at the TF10's , gr07, ex600 and a few others. Which do you think would be...
Yay for us!  
Just got back from holidays to find the Pro 900 waiting at my door.  Fiio E10 is on its way.   I'll give some impressions once i've got these babies well burnt in.  
Just ordered for $325 from amazon, I think they are sold out of the $305 batch.   ETA is 20th - 24th.    The E10 looks good but i'll do some more research...   I guess the Pro900 wouldn't benefit that much from the E9's extra power because they are fairly low impedence but I'm not in any rush so I might wait to see how the E17 turns out.   Thanks for the help guys!
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