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LOL! Very well said.
Wizard, are these 5 6.A sets priced at $899 like before?
+1Brain acclimatization (burn-in) is very real and is happening all the time, not just with headphones .Driver burn in on the other hand has been proven to exist but I'm doubtful of the extent that it is noticeable to our ears, I don't think it makes drastic differences to how we hear the music and is vastly overstated on head-fi, IMO.
Woah! Guy on the train in Melbourne with Beyer T5p's! Best sighting yet.
So you decided on the Paradox DF, did you go for the basic model or get some fancy paintjobs?   I'm trying to decide between the Paradox or the HE400 at the moment.   Hope it works out well for you!  
Thanks! Yeah the case is padded on the inside. It's the case that came with the earphones, looks like the otterbox 1000 but Heir Audio must have put the padding in there themselves.
Clip Zip (Rockboxed) + 3.Ai
Sssshhh   It's all in their heads.           jk
I'm looking forward to the X3. Should be a great transport to connect a DAC/AMP to as well as a great little one-box solution for my ultra-portable needs.
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