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What are the new speakers you bought kiteki? I need to get into speaker-fi...
<$100 - CAL!, DJ100...   ~$200 - ???   ~$300 - Maddog / HD600   ~$400 - HE400   ~$500 - Paradox   ~$600 - Koss ESP950   Some suggestions... :)
Does that mean we should expect the GR08 to sell for 4000 ≈640usd?
Where did you get this deal from? I assume its not still going...
Oh yes, those are stunning! I think I'll go for mango wood when the time comes.
Will the output impedance be low enough for highly sensitive IEM's? Can't have none of that hiss :)
Is mango wood no longer an option? I remember liking someone's customs with mango wood and a dark shell...
Damn I wish the sale was lasting a bit longer! I'd probably take the plunge if it was. 
I agree the products and CS is good, but it feels like a bit of a cheap, easy way to make a profit and the customers can't do anything about it.
This is what I don't like. Heir is surely making a massive profit of the shipping. I'm considering ordering the 4.A's with this sale but the shipping puts me off.   Also 28980, I checked your profile and saw you listen to some bass-heavy genres - are you worried at all that the 4.A won't satisfy you with its bass?
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