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No gain switch on the Magni.. I guess one of the only negatives vs the O2. They say it's still quiet enough for most IEM's though. I'll probably grab the stack if impressions are positive.
Woah! WANT. GG, Schiit.
"Another Life" - Two Steps From Hell
Just because you've got some drivers in a custom shell doesn't mean it's automatically going to better than any drivers in a universal shell. Customs used to be all high end so they gained a god like status. Now that more budget manufacturers are around people expect them to all carry that high end sound but AFAIK that just isn't the case.
So, so jealous!Enjoy them mate.
Wizard how much is that glow in the dark logo option? It looks really nice and bright! :)
On behalf of my friend who just got his 8.A's. He says he can't listen to his Atrios anymore. :D
Look at the Stoner Acoustics UD100 and the O2. That's what I'll be using if/when I get my he400's. Should work well and is a good price!
Does the CLAS -R that Cypher Labs sell now still have the wolfson dac from the original clas? That might be an option...
Up for sale is my Fiio E10. Bought early 2012, it is in good condition.   All offers considered!   Cheers,
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