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41,299 songs, 465gb.
I think even $1k is unlikely, guessing something like $1300. 
subsubsubsubsub.   Under $1k pretty please. 
Wow these look awesome. 
Exactly. Apparently all headphones need to have a certain specific frequency response to be considered acceptable for "audiophiles".
Comfort is normally a personal thing so you should try them out before dismissing them so quickly!
You can't post an accurate review if you've only had the headphones for 1 day. If a review was posted now I wouldn't take it seriously anyway.
Just saw the price.
Very interested in the new -db. Wonder how it will improve sound wise over the original.
Subbed.    I'm thinking of building a mITX PC soon. Probably with the Silverstone SG08 case and an i5. Looking forward to it.
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