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What tips are you all using with your fxd60/70/80? The stock ones don't work for me, can't get a decent seal.    I jammed my sony hybrids on and they certainly sound better but they aren't the right size for the 80's and they're stretching a fair bit over the nozzle so I don't think they're a long term option.   I might buy some complies but they're a bit pricey so wondering what other options are a good bet...
  Just got my FXD80's in. The metal on them is darker than I was expecting, looks really nice. They have a nice heft to them which I like also.   Havn't listened to them yet but I'm expecting good things! :)
Up for sale is a great condition 3.Ai. I havn't used it much since purchasing and I feel the funds may be better used elsewhere.   Maybe 15 hours on them.     Buyer pays shipping.   PM if interested.   Cheers,
Any chance those fxd80's with a new design, pictured a few pages back are real? If not I'll go ahead and order from some amazon...
Spotted some DT990 Pro's on the train today.
This makes so much sense to me, haha!Well done on the review mate, I'll have to try a K400 sometime...
> Ears > Brain > Penis > Explosion.
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