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Hi  I have a sennheiser Momentum over ear only 4 months old. Bought brand new  in end of January from Amazon . It is in perfect condition cosmetically impeccable and perfect sound. I had 300 hours of music played through it. I have the box and two cables including the one for ipod iPhone. I have the invoice too. Reason for selling is I need to invest in something in ear to listen to at work. I am located in Toronto Ontario. You can send me a email at
So how does this player compare with cowon J3. Is it worth getting rid of the cowon j3 for this ?
Anyone using m80 or v80 with a cowon device found any eq or presets that gets the best out of this phone ?
After 4 days of listening to this headphone paired with my cowon j3 I just can't take it off now ..It sounds incredibly good. Getting rid of the bose ae2 a month after buying them to get this turned out to be very smart. The reason I love this so much now is mostly because this is exactly what I was looking for. Portable, stylish and an all round sound signature. Thanks V-Moda
@DigitalFreak I have an idea now what V80 can do. I have a good collection of Tiesto, Van Buuren, Edward Maya, Deadmau5, Infected Mushroom all in 320 kbps or flac files. Listening to em with V80 really puts a smile on my face. The drop in sound quality I faced at first is completely gone. The sound sig in this pair is exactly what I was looking for. Warm and rich
I guess you are right. Listened to the same track with other headphone and yeah it is little distorted in this particular track. Never mind my V 80 is singing right now after 2 days of burning in :D
I also had to get the V80 since they were 40 dollar cheaper. Now I have burned this for a day. At first it sounded medicore after 13-14 hours of burn in. Then I gave it a rest and let it burn again for 6-7 hours more. I don't know what was wrong wit my ears before but it is sounding way more improved. Dynamic sound, vibrant bass, music becomes warm n lively. About the bass for some reason I think they are little too quick to roll of. I am not sure how to explain it but...
I am still waiting to put it on my J3. I am being patient and letting the burn in process go on. I want to be really impressed by the sound thus all the wait for burn in
Does any of yours bass sound little bit distorted at first. I let them burn in for 4 hours and then listened to it. Found bass little bit distorted on certain tracks like all of the lights-kanye west.
Ok I just received mine today and I am letting it burn in with freq sweep, white and pink noise and with some random songs from my collection. Can anyone tell me how do this phone pair with a Cowon J3. So far I read they sound great with i devices. I was wondering if they sound equally good or better with cowon j3. Thanks
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