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Im in kirkland  WA and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
is anyone bringing an AT r70x?  or an elear?  or a stax ?
anyone know how to release the front section with driver so as to gain access to behind the driver? it seems the white section stays with the black outer plastic section and it comes off as one? how is that pair released ? apparently they simply pull straight out? seems quite secure in my case and hard to get under....     anyone? I made a little custom bent screwdriver to get under the edge and tried to lift it up and out but no success, either there is a trick...
new and 100% unused. free ship usa. $5 rest of world
like new. virtually unused. newest version
nice drivers. approx 50 hrs useage. Smoother warmer grado/ less grating. Much better resolution no ship charge USA I'd like the buyer to have some experience with soldering to prevent any issue. i.e. nice high heat get in and out quick.
hello good sir !,yes they are turned inside out ! good eye. then some spandex stitched to the back to serve as an attachment mechanism to the cups leading rim.....I think they are akg 240's? or some other replacement pad. They where under $10 and are just about the right size imo.   the Foam mod is basic Foam cut into a semi round shape to match back magnet cover size. I've been trying it with other volumes and it is most eFFective at low volumes. Like all drivers the...
    This is what i've got at this point. Angled driver, diy pads, and a 'central foam column ' mod. I'd recommend trying this should your particular set be dominant in that area.             
Nice drivers to use as a custom grado style headphone. These will work with all types music modern and electronic etc.  everything comes with $120
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