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James a friend of mine searched a DAP that has full digital Output via USB. Will the Fiio X7 have it?   regards   Sam 
I believe you are right  . It was late yesterday and i was extrem tired so i will do the comparison again this evening.
I use the x5 with E12. Is it possible that the high gain setting (x5) also effects the Line out? It is not louder but its much more stable and better defind. Is there a technical answer for that? I´m really curious.
Does this mean we can use the x7 as a Transport for desktop USB-DAC? Included DSD,DXD ?
Hello folks, Here the first german review: http://www.open-end-music.de/vb3/showthread.php?t=6784
    As I say before the Jecklin QA is the best sounding Headphone that I heard.There is no other HP come even close on the market. That is one side of the story.   Now i have to watch out what I can do? Stax again?  If then 009? I dont think that I will be happy with that Phone.  Again audeze LCD-3 ?I dont think so because they also have massiv problems and I went back from audeze because of these Problems.   So I think i would go for a Bryston BHA-1 with HE-6 or Beyer T1...
    I´m happy to hear this. Have Fun!
Hello kirtijai,   i hope your Headphone will work well and I think it will do so.
Hello,    i wrote extreme good about a product when I think it is extreme good, i also have to write about things that are not really good.   The Jecklin I´ve heard in Gering are still the best headphone experience that I had.   But I dont have luck.   The first Jecklin had a failure on the right side. Suddenly the right side plays very faint. So I have to put the balance full to the right to hear somthing from right.   I send it back and they...
I placed a preorder since i heard ´the Prototyp in the first days of June. I know that they work hard to full fill the preorders but i think that they hadn´t accept  so much Pre-orders .
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