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Hello folks, Here the first german review:
    As I say before the Jecklin QA is the best sounding Headphone that I heard.There is no other HP come even close on the market. That is one side of the story.   Now i have to watch out what I can do? Stax again?  If then 009? I dont think that I will be happy with that Phone.  Again audeze LCD-3 ?I dont think so because they also have massiv problems and I went back from audeze because of these Problems.   So I think i would go for a Bryston BHA-1 with HE-6 or Beyer T1...
    I´m happy to hear this. Have Fun!
Hello kirtijai,   i hope your Headphone will work well and I think it will do so.
Hello,    i wrote extreme good about a product when I think it is extreme good, i also have to write about things that are not really good.   The Jecklin I´ve heard in Gering are still the best headphone experience that I had.   But I dont have luck.   The first Jecklin had a failure on the right side. Suddenly the right side plays very faint. So I have to put the balance full to the right to hear somthing from right.   I send it back and they...
I placed a preorder since i heard ´the Prototyp in the first days of June. I know that they work hard to full fill the preorders but i think that they hadn´t accept  so much Pre-orders .
    My is full serviced but all original . And it works very well. I suggest to buy a original serviced 405 next time.
Hi, yesterday I picked up my new Jecklin along with Quad 405 and some other stuff   :     I will write more later but all what i have said before is truth.   If i´m right there are some People out there who  have the  fear that Jecklin does not have deep Bassresponse ...forget your fear !!!      I think that this Earspeaker will shake the Headphoneworld like an Earthquake! Believe me.    
  The only way for enlightenment is to hear it by yourself!
Here is your contact:   Anbieter: QUAD Musikwiedergabe GmbH Brunnenstrasse 57 56751 Gering Germany vertreten durch: Manfred Stein , Geschäftsführer tel. 11 49 2654 987977 mail:
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