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Did anyone try this?
I didn't have enough time to listen to both of them but my first impression is that I would choose ER100 over the ER99 every time. I'll update after I had more time with them.I own the Cogoo t02. They sound great for IEMs that cheap. They don't extend too much into bass or treble nor they are very resolving but the sound is more than acceptable for the price. The only thing that truly bothered me is the cord. It's too stiff and springy and doesn't stay in place when worn...
Got the Earwax ER99 and ER100 and I must say that the ER100 impressed me a lot, even though I'm not a basshead. For someone that is looking for a bass heavy IEM - I think that this is one of the best choices out there. But it has more than a deep and tight bass to offer. It's a V shaped IEM with a well extended, but not sibilant treble. It has a solid build quality and a great, thick cable that has no memory that is terminated with a sturdy plug which I have never seen in...
Is it safe to purchase quality caps on eBay?
So I guess it would be OK to order electrolytic caps that match the values of the Elna Tonerex that came with the E12DIY as an alternative?If I remember correctly, they are 10uF/25v.
Does the capacitance value makes a difference too ar just the voltage?
 Yes. I noticed that when I switched from WIMA to Elna Tonerex that came in the little metal box with the E12DIY the things got warmer and with more bass and less detail. Did you change to a different value of the caps?In your opinion, which caps you liked best to go with MUSES01 and HA-5002 combo?
 What conclusion did you reach while swapping caps?Did you play only with brands or with values too? 
I sent you a PM with my address.Thank you very much for your help.
  This what happens when I fail to read the data sheet all the way through.  Did you manage to go through all this list?If so, what can you recommend from it? (I deleted the ones that I have or going to get soon).  Thanks. Any progress on the subject?
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