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Are there any benefits of updating to v2.7 from v2.5? Any bug fixes? Personally, I don't care for OTG or the lack of it.
Home studio in my new apartment.
Brainwavz angled pleather pads
I did the @1clearhead's PRO80's mod and it did increase the sub-bass rumble. It also widened the sound stage, probably by elevating higher treble region of the sound spectrum, on expense of making the PRO80s a bit more sibilant.
From what I can see, PRO80's actually have bass ports in a form of a small hole on each side of the cup, by the hinges. Maybe those holes can be made larger, instead of drilling a completely new hole.
Do you have an idea where can I get the silicone fins like the ones that come with Titan 3 separately? I'm eager to try them with my FiiO EX-1.
You can probably chat with her on AliExpress.
Is Tingo a DIY brand?
Can you please post a link to the Plextone site?
What is "English version blue"? Does it have the new version specs or the old version specs?
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