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Yes, I did. By directly contacting FiiO CS.
Yes, it's possible. If you wonder how to stack them - it's simple. You can use velcro or you can just slide one of the silicone rings that come bundled with the E12. As far as connections go - just use a 3.5mm patch cable from the shuffle headphone out to the input of the E12.
The older models like PRO80 from Takstar and MH463 from Somic have been around for a long while. Since their initial release, lots have changed in the headphone world. The Chinese manufacturers had their share of progress too, so I guess they managed to decrease the driver size in their flagships and still make them an upgrade over the previous generation. There are no reviews about the new Takstar models yet, but I read some impression posts here on Head-Fi from owners of...
I don't see why some of you are obsessing about the driver size. The size of the driver makes no difference, only the implementation does. Like there is no headphones from other manufacturers with smaller drivers that sound better than Takstar?   Somic shrunk the driver size in their flagships too and people state that it's still an improvement over the previous generation.
 No mention of it on the Takstar website. Doesn't look like it has a detachable cable, but it has a 3 level bass adjustment function, the same as was incorporated in the now discontinued Custom One Pro from Beyerdynamic.
 I can think of two more brands that did impress me - Somic and JTS. As for planars - there is always Fostex.
 Those are the pads that I use for the Takstar HD6000. They fit the HD5500 in size too. Those are the Sennheiser Urbanite XL replacement pads and the're made of some kind of weird fabric that doesn't make my ears sweat like velour pads but still keeps the bass tight like pleather.
You probably wired the drivers out of phase. That means that one of the drivers is wired correctly and the other one is wired backwards - the ground lead goes where the hot lead should go.
 I think that it fits better in this thread.
This is a very simple mod and a completely reversible one. Cutting two oval pieces, slightly larger than the black mesh with the logo on the outer side of the cups, of a magnetic sheet. Since the mesh is made out of metal, the oval pieces can be attached to it magnetically. They have enough force to stay on, and enough flexibility to seal the cups just well enough to turn them into a semi-closed pair. The mod makes them sound clearer and tighter, especially in the...
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