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 Wouldn't try any DIY IEM that carries the original logo on it and I sent Dasetn an email about it. They replied within a couple of hours and wrote that soon they will release new IEM models under their own trademark. I do have the two models that they released earlier and they are extremely bass heavy for my taste.
 If I remember correctly, wheat means microphone.
This model is appealing because of all the accessories that come with it. It has a baggy for storing the IEMs, a bunch of different tips of all shapes and sizes and two cables. The bass can be adjusted too via a screw but I find the ER99 and ER100 to sound much better and smoother than ER80 and cost less. They don't come with big accessory package as the ER80 but the sound and the build quality is real Hi-fi. The cables, though not detachable, are great and without any...
KC06 just hit DX for 55$
Used them with dual flange tips since the day I got them and the seal wasn't good at all. Switched to olive shaped tips and now the seal is so good that I find the bass almost overwhelming. The olive shaped tips are narrow bored so the treble gets cut a bit. I wear them under ear.
Old news. I once tried to name all the brands Takstar OEM for and came to the conclusion that it's impossible.
 Yes. I was using double flange tips since I got the T1E a couple of weeks ago. I generally get a good seal with double flange tips on other sets of IEM's but strangely not on those. Maybe I'll get some more tips from luna shops to try them out.
This is the most tip dependant IEM I have ever seen. The only tip I was able to find that seals well enough for me to enjoy the bass was an olive shaped one but all the olive shaped tips I own have narrow bors so the treble suffers a bit. It's still a good compromise cause without a good seal the bass disappears almost completely and makes the sound fatiguing.
 It's a 2mm thick veneer.
My Superlux HD330 and HD660 with Zebrana and Padauk wood stain painted veneer inlays.          
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