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Home studio in my new apartment.
Brainwavz angled pleather pads
I did the @1clearhead's PRO80's mod and it did increase the sub-bass rumble. It also widened the sound stage, probably by elevating higher treble region of the sound spectrum, on expense of making the PRO80s a bit more sibilant.
From what I can see, PRO80's actually have bass ports in a form of a small hole on each side of the cup, by the hinges. Maybe those holes can be made larger, instead of drilling a completely new hole.
Do you have an idea where can I get the silicone fins like the ones that come with Titan 3 separately? I'm eager to try them with my FiiO EX-1.
You can probably chat with her on AliExpress.
Is Tingo a DIY brand?
Can you please post a link to the Plextone site?
What is "English version blue"? Does it have the new version specs or the old version specs?
It's weird that the HI2050 are not listed on Takstar's site, much like the PRO80. From the new HI2050 specs, I infer that Takstar is making its line of headphones more cell phone friendly to make them more popular among portable devices users. The release of their mfi series adds to my conclusion too.
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