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Here's the color code for the MH463 stock cable:   Blue = Tip Red/Green = Ring Solid Green+Gold = Sleeve   Since the cable is dual entry, it carries 4 leads, thus makes it possible to turn the MH463 into a balanced pair of headphones. All that needs to be done is to take apart one of the cups to find out which of the leads, solid green or gold, is connected to which cup, left or right, to solder them to the correct negative pole on a 4 pole XLR or 2.5 TRRS plugs.
 Yes. Those are the X32 pads. I own a pair. The problem is that those pads are not made of velour, but a kind of fabric, thus, change the sound in a different way. They recess the bass a bit in comparison to pleather pads, but not as much as velour pads do.  In short, I purchased a pair of 90mm round velour pads from ebay. They were a bit pricey at a bit more than 20$ including S&H. I hope it worth it, and I'll like the affect it will have on the HD2000 sound signature.
Which Turtlebeach pads will fit the HD2000 in size?
 The HD2000 cups are oval and measure roughly 90*80mm in diameter. I couldn't find any pads on ebay that are made of velour, and would fit. Where did you get the pads from?
Are there any benefits of updating to v2.7 from v2.5? Any bug fixes? Personally, I don't care for OTG or the lack of it.
Home studio in my new apartment.
Brainwavz angled pleather pads
I did the @1clearhead's PRO80's mod and it did increase the sub-bass rumble. It also widened the sound stage, probably by elevating higher treble region of the sound spectrum, on expense of making the PRO80s a bit more sibilant.
From what I can see, PRO80's actually have bass ports in a form of a small hole on each side of the cup, by the hinges. Maybe those holes can be made larger, instead of drilling a completely new hole.
Do you have an idea where can I get the silicone fins like the ones that come with Titan 3 separately? I'm eager to try them with my FiiO EX-1.
New Posts  All Forums: