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Just emailed Audio Technica about getting new replacement AD2000 drivers. Hope they'll reply soon with a positive answer.
 As I said. Checked the diameter with a digital caliper and it's definitely a 50mm driver.Maybe Takstar decided to manufacture a new revision of the TS-662 with a 53mm driver like they did with the PRO80 by switching from coiled cable to a straight one.
I know. This is what written on the product page.
For those prices!? - probably both.I could have swore it was 50mm yesterday. I'll measure it with a caliper when I'll get back home.
It's made after the Bravo Audio V1 or V2 and Indeed tube amps. Just look for those on and you will find huge threads with lots of data about those amps. I was considering getting one of those some time ago but finally decided not to since the tube in those amps works as a buffer and runs on low voltage and in my experience its affect on the sound is little to none. If you want to hear the warmth of the tubes in the sound, you should probably go for a complete...
 I used something like Darice or Creatology foam sheets. Took out the metal parts from the cups, cut foam pieces exactly the same size and stuffed them in the metal parts. The foam sheets make a perfect fit. Just don't use the adhesive sheets cause you'll have dust accumulating through the holes on the outside of the cups. 
I purchased the TS-662 a while ago. I only used them once, the day I received them just to see if they work fine. I remember that there was nothing special about their sound signature so I just put them away and didn't use them again. Until yesterday night... When I decided to check my headphone inventory to see if there is something there, that I can dispose of in one way or the other so I'll have less things to pack when I move to a new place. I took out a couple of...
There is no record of a counterfeit KC06A.
@ClieOS what kind of flux do you use?
Ostry KC06A for 60$ on   They listed them as regular KC06.
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